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5 Stars! “The Reed Family has become one of my favorite story books families. All their lives are so complex and full of emotion… And what an ending this book had! Emotion overload but I loved every single minute.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

❤️ Enemies to Lovers

❤️ Forbidden Love

❤️ Fake Engagement

❤️ Opposites Attract

❤️ Revenge

❤️ Temporary Fling

❤️ Virgin

“I think we’re good with kissing now.”

I shake my head. “You’re not comfortable yet.”

“That’s more kiss than I’ve ever—” She stops and shakes her head. “I mean, more than I expected.”

“Tip of the iceberg, princess. I’m going to do that to you every chance I get.”

“It’s not necessary. I’ve seen pictures of you with other women online. They don’t look overheated and flushed, and no one questioned whether you actually had sex with them.”

“I wasn’t engaged to any of them. You have to look in love and well sated. If you don’t, there will be doubt.”

“You just want me to give in and have sex with you.”

“Fuck yes, I do. But that’s not the reason I’m kissing you. You want this ploy to succeed? Focus. People can spot a fraud.”

She hesitates. “At least give me a minute to catch my breath. I’m just… It was unexpected. I didn’t think you would kiss me so…passionately.”

Hasn’t Corinne been listening to how much I want her? Or did she not believe me? “I’m very passionate. Let’s get you there, too.”

I capture her mouth again, this time diving straight into her hottest depths to caress her tongue and claim every part of her she’ll give me. I half expect resistance, but she slowly loops her arms around my neck, tilting her head to take me deeper.

Son of a bitch, I’ve done nothing more than kiss Corinne. We’re fully clothed. I’ve never seen her naked. And already, this is way hotter than the last five times I got laid. I don’t know what it is about her… The fact she’s Parker’s sister? Is it her innocence? Her beauty? The intrepid way she’s determined to save her business, regardless of the obstacles in her path? Whatever it is, she sparks everything inside me to burning life, including a possessive urge I didn’t expect.

Again, she pulls free with flushed cheeks and uneven breaths. The way she bites that already swollen bottom lip kicks up my lust.

“Has any man ever made you come?” I need to know.

“That’s none of your business.”

“It is now.” I grab her chin. I’m gentle but firm as I force her to look at me. “Yes or no?”

“That’s too personal.”

“The way I’m kissing you is pretty personal. So is the way I’m going to fuck you. Tell me. I have to know how slow to take this.”

“Never,” she finally admits.

That shouldn’t thrill me, but I get a sick triumph from knowing I’ll be the first man she’ll surrender herself to, the first to give her ecstasy, the first to hear her cry out in strangled pleasure when I send her to the ultimate peak.

And that excitement has nothing to do with Parker. The truth is, I want Corinne in a way that makes me feel out of control. It’s dangerous and self-destructive. I’m not thinking straight.

Right now, I don’t care.

“Let’s fix that.”

She gapes at me. “Here? There’s a crowd right outside that door.”

I just smile and press her back against the table, taking control of her mouth while I urge her pretty ass onto the flat surface. Wedging myself between her thighs, I tug on her hair until she offers me her throat with a gasp. My body buzzes as I lick my way up her neck, over her thready pulse point, then settle my lips over hers. I love getting her tongue against mine. I need her body melding to my own… Jesus, I feel like a parched man slowly dying of thirst and she’s the only oasis that can save me.

Peeling my fingers from her hip, I send my free hand drifting up her torso, to settle around her ribs. Then I swipe a slow, sensual thumb over her nipple. She tenses, then warbles out a shaky sound of desire.

“Hearing you gets me hot,” I mutter in her ear. “You going to make more noise for me, princess?”

A little whine escapes her parted lips. I’m not sure if that’s a yes or no. Her only other response is to close her eyes, her lashes fluttering against her rosy cheeks, while I cradle her breast in my hand.

What I don’t hear is a protest. So I keep going.

“Yes, just like that,” I encourage softly. “I’ve imagined you naked for me, so pretty and needy, pink and writhing, legs spread as you beg me. Will you tease me about my humility then?”

“Yes,” she breathes as she lays her lips on my neck and kisses her way up. “Always.”

I would laugh if I wasn’t so busy shuddering under the soft drag of her mouth against my skin. Every breath I take is infused with her scent, strong in the crook of her neck, where I can’t resist sampling her with my tongue. As I pinch her nipple through her dress, I trail my lips over her graceful shoulders, skim her collarbones, then taste her flesh down to the top of her strapless dress.

The soft material is in my way.

I walk my fingers along her back and slowly lower her zipper.

“Xavian…” Her breathy voice doesn’t tell me whether she’s objecting or pleading.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“I should.”

“But do you?”


I seduced her for revenge…but I won’t let up until she’s mine.

I’m Xavian Costa—financial master, maverick, and manwhore. Since my dad ran out before I was born and my best friend slept with the woman I intended to marry, I don’t get close to people. But Parker, who poached my ex, is now a bestselling author with a movie deal, and he’s modeled his villain after me to ruin my reputation. I want revenge.

Then his innocent little sister, all grown up, traipses into my office. To save her burgeoning business, she needs a fake fiancé. Since she’s the sexiest brunette I’ve ever seen, I’m happy to help—for a price.

We begin our whirlwind “engagement,” and I get to know Corinne, not as the gawky teenager I remember, but as a beautiful woman.. She’s sweet, sassy, and smart as hell. I admire her kindness. I relate to her ambition. And I love the way she moans when I take her to bed. Soon, I’m falling and questioning my plans to use her to destroy Parker. But when our sham blows up in my face, I’ll have to prove to Corinne that I feel more than desire for her until she says yes for real.