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She tore her mouth free, panting. “Matt…”

He didn’t answer her, merely kissed a path down her neck like a man frenzied as he tore out of his suit coat and tossed it sightlessly onto a nearby chair. He seemed to know every spot where she was sensitive. His lips played under her ear. His tongue dragged up her throat. His teeth nipped at her shoulder. Madison felt herself go up in flames. She’d never felt anything like it. How was this man unraveling her and turning her inside out?

“I have to get my mouth on you,” he breathed seconds before he sucked her nipple between his lips, frenzied and rough, into a sweltering heat, then ate at her like he’d never get enough.

The sensation zipped a scorching burn from her chest straight to her pvssy. It had her back arching as she gasped out his name.

“So soft. So fvcking sweet.” He dragged his lips around the underside of her mound, to the top, then descended to the stiff, needy nub again, taking it against his tongue with greedy licks before he inhaled it to the roof of his mouth and sucked.

Madison cried out in need as she dug her fingers into his hard, wide shoulders through the crisp shirt she wanted gone. As if her body had a will of its own, she lifted her hips and parted her thighs. He settled between them like he belonged there. Even the slightly scratchy material of his suit pants aroused her.

“You’re overdressed,” she gasped out.

“Patience. Once I get naked, I’ll be inside you.”


“I don’t want to rush this,” he vowed as he gave the nipple he’d sucked one long, last draw before he pounced on its mate, dragging it between his lips for the same beautifully rough treatment.

She gasped, burning up from the inside out. Desperately, she wound her fingers in his thick, brown hair, seemingly lightened here and there by the sun. She’d bet when he didn’t ruthlessly control each strand, his hair skewed wavy. She loved the feel of it, soft and strong, between her fingers.

“I need more. Please…”

Reluctantly, he lifted his head, her breast popping free from his suction, making her shudder again. He stood and looked down at her swollen mounds with their tips stabbing the air desperately. Satisfaction spread across his face. That expression did something to her. She couldn’t explain it. She needed him naked. She needed him now. She couldn’t wait.

Madison lunged for the buttons of his white dress shirt, her trembling fingers unmooring them one after the other. She couldn’t get rid of it fast enough. With a curse, he joined in, starting with the bottom buttons until the starched cotton hung open, exposing a mouthwatering slice of his hard chest and ridged abdomen. At the sight, she gaped and swallowed, then lifted her stare to his face.

Neither moved. Neither spoke. The hard glimmer of his eyes told her to proceed at her own risk.

Madison didn’t care about the hazard to her heart anymore. She lurched at him, grabbing the front panels of his shirt and ripped them apart before shoving the garment over his massive shoulders and down his bulging arms. The barbed wire tattoo circling his biceps rippled with his every move.

The garment stuck at his wrists. When she reached for the cuffs, Matt jerked on the sleeves ferociously, sending buttons pinging across the hardwoods. Then he chucked the shirt away and kicked off his shoes, eyeing her from the top of her bare shoulders to her naked toes with hot, silver eyes.

Teeth gritted, he reached for his fly. “Spread your legs.”

Madison lay back, each breath an audible struggle. “They are.”

Shaking his head, he released the button at his fly. “More. I want a good look at the pvssy I’m going to violate.”

Her head told her everything between them was moving too fast, that she should want tender words, that he was being too rough and too demanding. Her body didn’t care about anything except him filling her with every one of the hard inches bulging behind his zipper and relieving this ache sweltering inside her.

Swallowing down nerves, Madison did exactly what he demanded, parting her knees wider so Matt could look his fill.

He did more than stare. He grabbed her thighs and dragged her closer, settling her feet on the edge of the bed. Then he stepped between her spread knees like he owned her and stared at her pvssy, slowly dragging his knuckles along the swollen pad, heart-stoppingly close to where she needed his touch…but not close enough.

Her breath caught. Sensations skittered through her body. He drank in her every reaction, his eyes burning like liquid silver. A wolfish smirk crossed his face. He was loving his power over her. That should alarm her. Instead, she loved the surrender he was wringing from her body so much it almost scared her.

“You’re burning for me, honey.” He didn’t ask; he knew.

“Yes.” Like she’d never burned before.

“You want me to touch you?”

“Yes.” So badly.

“You want me inside you?”

“Yes,” she whined.

His grin turned dirtier.

“I almost believe you.”

“Almost?” What else did he want? How much more did he need her to beg? “I don’t—”

He stopped all lucid conversation by settling his thumb over her distended cl!t and rubbing slow circles. Unless he could interpret whimpers and moans, she had no way to communicate. In a frenzied attempt, she spread herself even wider for him and melted under his blistering stare. He dissected her reaction to his every touch.

“You don’t…what?” he prompted. “Want me to stop?”

“Yes.” Was that the right answer? “No. Don’t stop.” He dragged his thumb directly over her cl!t again, making the ache swell and her womb clench. “Never stop.”

She would die if he did, because Matt wasn’t merely sharing the sheets with her. He was owning her, body and soul.

“Tonight, this is mine.” He petted her pvssy like a cherished possession before he slid his thick fingers between her folds and manipulated her again. “You’re mine. Say it.”

She shouldn’t. She’d never had a lover demand so much from her. The power she was giving him staggered her. But it was as if he’d reached into her darkest fantasies and plucked out her most seductive thoughts. “I’m yours.”

“Good. Let’s see how close to 0rgasm I can get you, and how long I can keep you on the edge.”

That sounded both wonderful and awful. “Why?”

His dirty, dirty smile appeared again. “I need to watch you burn and writhe and ache for me.”