Y’all! How about a sneak peek at More Than Desire You, coming November 1st?!

Y’all! How about a sneak peek at More Than Desire You, coming November 1st?!



“How will we handle your $ex life during our ‘engagement?’ You’ll have to be discreet or word will get out before we’re ready and—”

“It won’t.” We’re getting to the terms and conditions Corinne will object to. “But thanks to your brother, my profile is too high to walk into a bar and pick up a woman without half the internet knowing inside an hour.”

She nibbles that pouty lip like she knows I’m right and it’s a problem. “So what’s the plan? Will you just do without until my stubborn brother lets up?”


“Then I don’t understand how you’re going to manage this.” She presses her lips together in a thin, white line. “Since your decision affects me, I have a right to know. But I guess you have women you can call—flings, friends with benefits, casual hookups…”

Is it my imagination or is Corinne less than pleased with the prospect of me in bed with someone else? Her expression says so. It’s perverse, but the fact she seemingly cares about who and what I do thrills me.

“Impossible. The second I touch any of them, they could run to the press, who will pay big bucks for the raunchy inside scoop of how I cheated on you. And our whole plan will be down the toilet.”

That’s the truth…but not the whole truth. I don’t want Emma, my last fling. Maxie, my usual friend with benefits, can’t keep her mouth shut. I know because she’s already sold the story of our on-again, off-again sex life to a tabloid a few months back. And my last casual hookup, Jacinda, is leaving the island in a handful of hours.

But the biggest reason I’m pushing back? I want Corinne. I desire her in my bed, under me, calling my name, taking me deep, available to me day and night, scratching her nails into my back as she screams out in ecstasy. I can’t deny I’ll get the satisfaction of knowing Parker will picture all of that—and it will kill him. But actually taking this woman to bed and having her completely mine? That pleasure is all for me.

“What are you saying?” she asks with wide eyes.

But she knows; her trembling tells me.

“The only sex I’ll be having is with you.”

She blinks and sits back in her chair. “But it’s a fake engagement.”

“With benefits.” I smile. “Our relationship can’t seem fake or no one will believe us. Besides, the way I want you, princess, is very real.”