Wine Wednesday Rewind

Welcome back friends! I hosted Wine Wednesday this past Saturday, since the holidays, sickness, and the 1001 Dark Nights cruise wreaked havoc with my schedule. But I wanted to check in and give you a little peek before setting sail. Warm weather, here I come! If you’re going on the cruise, I can’t wait to see you on the ship!

I'll have a full upcoming recap of the 1/6 Live for you soon. Until then, I want to wish Happy Birthday to the following Beauties!

Amanda Dubuque Ericka Olson Pam Renick
Amanda Kramer Erika Lang Peggy Gonzalez
Angela Fisher Evelyn Hightower Rachel Little
Barb Kiser Hillary Brown Rachel Yalcin
Bea Hernandez Jane Smolen Rhianna Caley
Beth Cotter Janna Ward Robin Womack
Bobbi Darnell Jennifer Momjian Rose Nickol
Cara Camic Jessica Bradley Shawn Gumpright
Casey Collins Katie Sullivan Shayla Black
Catherine Chapman Kimberly Chubbuck Sheila Melo
Cindy Warren Latifa Morrisette Stephanye Andrey
Crystal Bacon Maggie Walsh Tammy Faris
Diana Merritt Melissa Nelson Una Denihan
Elizabeth Mirabal Michelle Waddleton Mr. William Black
Erica Smith Mistie Maskil

If you want to see the entire video, click HERE.

We hope to see you at our next Wine Wednesday on January 17! Don’t forget—We're on Facebook Live in Shayla's Book Beauties!

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