Who doesn’t love a little #insider #tea?

Well, today is all about how and why I started writing my Wicked & Devoted series!


For YEARS, I’d been wanting to do something EPIC with the larger Wicked Lovers and Devoted Lovers worlds I’d created. I’d been planning and plotting, waiting for just the right day to launch new high-octane adventures with fresh characters and heart-racing suspense plots, while still featuring familiar characters you love.


The Wicked & Devoted series was born. We are two complete duets in (each book a full-length novel) with the next one coming March 15, 2022! Get started with this suspenseful, sexy series today! I have so much more in store for y’all.


★ Wicked & Devoted series ★

Binge today! http://shayla.link/WickedDevotedSeries