If you’re going to play with fire, I’m going to burn you so bad… keep reading for snippet!

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It was straight-up nine o’clock. Time to get some answers.

Tessa opened the door, greeting him in a robe and a smile, looking as if she’d just curled her hair and retouched her makeup. She also seemed nervous as hell.

“Hi.” She stepped back. “Come in. How was the meeting with the bosses?”

She wanted to get right to the point? Too bad. He was going to make her wait.

Zy shrugged. “Intense. It’s a lot of details to work out, especially since we have new information. How was dinner with Cash’s dad?”

“Nice,” she said with a smile full of forced cheer. “Craig took us to a place that, um…had wonderful burgers and chicken. Yeah, on the south side of town. They sang to her. But Craig is doing well. I’m glad we went.”

Liar, liar… But why?

“The whole thing tuckered Hallie out, so I put her to bed. It’s just us now.”

And he couldn’t miss the suddenly seductive note in her voice. She swayed closer.

What the hell? After avoiding him for days, she was suddenly turning on the charm?

Oh, baby. If you’re going to play with fire, I’m going to burn you so bad

“Great.” He took her hand. And if you’re willing to seduce me for information, let’s see how far you’ll go to get it. “But I’m more tired than I thought, and it looks like I have to leave town soon. I can’t say much, but let’s catch up next week, when the op is over. And if I’m back on Wednesday for her big day, I’ll take you and Hallie to dinner then.”

She swallowed. “So the rescue op is definitely on for this weekend?”

“We’ve got a really solid plan that… Well, sorry. I can’t tell you. I’ll see you later?”

Tessa squeezed his hand tighter, as if she thought that would stop him from leaving. “Don’t go. I-I’ve been thinking.”

“About what?”

“You. Us.” She bit her lip—something she only did when she was nervous. “Moving in is a really big step. I know I said earlier that it wasn’t a good idea, but…I’ve reconsidered. I’m open to talking about it.”

He wasn’t buying it. How fucking long had she been playing him? “That’s good to hear, baby.”

“And I know you’re tired, but I’d love it if you stayed a little longer so we could…talk?” She pretended to adjust the tie of her robe, but she pulled it free. The folds slid apart. And under the thin white terry cloth, what she wore scrambled his brain.

Her blue, lacy baby doll covered less than half her tits. The bow tucked just under gave way to a filmy, transparent fabric that told him she wore nothing underneath except a teeny tiny thong.

Yeah, she was playing him—no question—and it pissed him the fuck off. But holy shit, when he clapped eyes on her, he could barely breathe. And he was more than willing to let her take advantage of him in whatever way she wanted.