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Here’s a little taste…

“Your every thought, every wish, every ache, every heartbeat? Mine.”

He made that clear each day when he pressed her body beneath his and bent her to his filthy-minded will, wrenching pleas from her while he reduced her to a shaking, shuddering mess. But possessing her was easy when she didn’t push back and no one challenged him. What would happen when Todd stood between them? Or when Matt had to suffer consequences for wanting her? Even if he stuck it out, would he have endured too much once her divorce was final and the danger had passed? Would he leave her then for good?


“Don’t ‘Matt’ me. I mean it. Every inch of you is mine. Are we clear?”

“Fine, but—”

“No buts. You didn’t put any conditions on my claim.”

“I can’t be yours when we’re under his roof.”

He raised a brow, oozing displeasure as he grabbed her chin gently but firmly. “That’s where you’re wrong, honey. You’re always mine. Just because I may not be touching you, that doesn’t change.”

Madison swallowed. On so many levels, she felt like his—every day, every night, every moment. But their past still loomed like a shadow. So did their future. Sometimes, she swore he must be in love with her. His face said it. His body said it. The way he cared for her, so often putting her needs first, said it. But he never spoke the words out loud. This wishful thinking wasn’t helpful.

“Why does me being yours matter?”

“If it’s not clear how much I want you, I’ll demonstrate again.” He peered down at her, his words an overtly sexual thrill.

Excitement buzzed through Madison. She’d obviously gone insane. They had so many other problems beyond their relationship, and that’s where she should be focused. But under his sizzling stare, all that fell away. Her breath caught. The familiar ache for him gripped her belly.

In the past twelve days, he’d dismantled her will to resist. It never mattered if everything between her legs was tender or that she’d come for him so many times that her thighs felt like rubber and her womb cramped. Apparently, her body didn’t care that her husband planned to torment them for months. Even the suggestion that Matt wanted to touch her sent her pulse racing.

He shifted closer, his body heat burned her from the inside out. “Do you need me to, honey?”