Forbidden Confessions Reading Order
Sexy Bedtime Stories

FIRST TIME (Complete Series)

Seducing the Innocent (Kayla & Oliver)
Seducing the Bride (Perrie & Hayden)
Seducing the Stranger (Calla & Quint)
Seducing the Enemy (Whitney & Jett)


PROTECTORS (Complete Series)

Seduced by the Bodyguard (Sophie & Rand)
Seduced by the Spy (Vanessa & Rush)
Seduced by the Assassin (Havana & Ransom)
Seduced by the Mafia Boss (Kristi & Ridge)



Tempted by the Billionaire (Savannah & Chad)
Tempted by the Executives (Kate, Marcus and Josh)
Tempted by the Bosshole