Teaser Thursday: One Dom To Love

It’s Teaser Thursday!

So what am I going to do? Tempt you with something a little juicy… This week I’m being nice, since you can get your hands on this book right now—for FREE!

It’s no secret that I love writing the twisty, turny, angsty Doms of Her Life series. So today, I’m teasing you with the very first in the Raine Falling collection, One Dom To Love! Jenna Jacob, Isabella LaPearl, and I are frantically working on the first book in the upcoming Doms of Her Life: Heavenly Rising collection. It’s called The Choice (March 27), but today I’m throwing it back to where the series began with one of my favorite trios: Macen Hammerman, Liam O’Neill and their battle to claim Raine Kendall. If you haven’t started the Doms of Her Life: Raining Falling collection, do it now! Since book 1 is free and the collection is complete, it’s a win-win!

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Before I forget, the winners of the More Than Want You eBook and the Strictly Forbidden audio from the January 11th and January 18th blogs are Gina Burgos and Debbie Watson. Congrats! Contact William at interact @ shaylablack.com (no spaces) to collect your prize.

I hope to see you this coming Saturday, January 27 for Secret Saturday and I’ll reveal 15 things you may not know about me! Until then, hugs and happy weekend!

Fuck off, was it? Liam watched Hammer shut himself away and shook his head. Through the past decade, he and Hammer had shared so many good times, so much laughter, untold quantities of liquor, and of course for a time, Juliet. The man was the closest thing he had to a brother. Sure, they’d exchanged a cross word or two, but never anything like this. Clearly, his friend didn’t appreciate his interference. But he needed it.

Since Macen had moved to California eight years ago, Liam only saw the man every November seventh, but they’d talked on the phone often. Hammer had acted as if he’d grieved and moved on, and from their conversations, Liam had never imagined otherwise. So when Hammer had invited him to visit after his divorce, Liam had jumped at the chance, eager to avoid the coming winter and painful memories.

An hour after arriving at Shadows, Liam knew Hammer had hoodwinked him. Why the fuck hadn’t he realized how truly damaged Macen was? About two minutes later, he’d discovered Hammer was in love with a girl he wouldn’t let himself have.

Liam more than saw Raine’s appeal. Besides being a striking beauty, she was smart, fiery, good with people. And terribly in love with Hammer. Liam had pulled her aside once or twice to ask about his friend. She’d been skittish but had guarded Macen and his privacy fiercely. They’d suit well.

Getting the thick-headed man to see that, however, was proving difficult.

Tiptoeing around Hammer’s issues for the past two months had accomplished nothing. Talking about them this morning hadn’t helped, either. Clearly, Macen wasn’t ready or willing to exorcise his ghosts.

Running a hand through his hair, Liam paced down the hall. He missed the laughing mate he’d once known, one with life and vigor pumping in his veins. If Hammer didn’t know how to move forward, Liam would give him a serious shove—starting with his size thirteen up Hammer’s ass.

And Raine would provide the force behind that kick.

About her, Hammer was intensely protective and possessive—in a way Liam had never seen his friend behave. Macen hoarded the lass and snarled at any other Dom who dared to touch her. Liam had every intention of forcing him to choose between hiding behind his walls or watching Raine blossom under another man’s dominance.

His own.

He’d been considering this for a few days now and was convinced he stood a good chance of healing not just one heart, but two. Though he hadn’t spoken to her about anything other than Hammer, Liam sensed that Raine was broken, like the china she’d carried in her hands. And she was starved for affection. Any idiot could see that she needed caring more than discipline, but she would thrive for the man who gave her the proper measure of both. Granted, Raine might turn him down, but he could be persistent for both their sakes.

Then once she’d gained a bit of confidence and Hammer had pulled his head out of his ass, Liam planned to be on his merry way and let them live happily ever after.

But he had no illusions; the moment he took Raine under his wing, Hammer would see it as a betrayal…

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