Teaser Thursday – Devoted to Wicked

Devoted to Wicked

Will the wicked one-night stand she tried to forget seduce her into a second chance?

A one-night stand…or something more? Karis isn't sure until a thief strands her in Mexico, leaving her in need of a passport photo—and a hero—and giving Cage a second chance to win her love.

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Sure, she could slam the door in his face or play dumb and ask why he’d come. But her sister and brother-in-law couldn’t help her out of this scrape. Neither could Cutter. She’d already tried to solve her problem alone, to no avail. If she wanted to go home, she had to rely on Cage. Spend time with him. Talk to him. No doubt she would have to resist him, too.

She sighed. “Come in.”

Cage strolled inside her hotel room, his tall, rangy body crowding her against the doorway. He peered at her with dark, hungry eyes as he dropped his bag. “You look good.”

She glanced down at herself. Her entire vacation wardrobe had consisted of bikinis, cover-ups, an occasional pair of short-shorts, and high-heeled sandals. This morning after tossing and turning sleeplessly, she’d rushed through a shower, wondering if whoever had scared the hell out of her intended to come back and finish the job. Absently, she’d tossed on an off-white, almost-too-small bikini with a rose-and-swirl pattern over her breasts. The contraption was held together by thin, sunny yellow straps. Cage’s stare walked all over her top before straying to the lone flower barely covering her down there. Sure, she’d tossed on a lacy cover-up but it was entirely transparent, there for decoration more than actual protection from the sun or pryingeyes.

If she’d known she was going to have to deal with Cage, she would have brought turtlenecks and mom jeans or a nun’s habit—something to ensure he’d never look at her twice.

Refusing to let his perusal fluster her more, Karis shut the door behind him with a soft snick. This wasn’t about them or the night they’d spent together, just about ending this ill-advised vacation and getting home.

“You mean I look good for a girl who’s had everything important stolen from her hotel room and currently has no way of getting home? Don’t bother with the compliment. I don’t need it.”

Her reply came out bitchier than she intended. It had been a rough night, and she was always grouchy when she hadn’t slept. Coupled with all the uncertainty, the hint of danger, and the feeling that she’d been violated, Karis wasn’t at her best.

“You need help.” Cage’s face softened. “I understand and I’ll help you. But just saying…you always look good to me.”

The unexpected compliment came out both sincere and serious—two things she would never have imagined Cage was capable of. She tried not to let his words make her feel marshmallowy inside.

“Thanks.” She gave a halfhearted shrug. “I’m sorry your brother sent you to ‘rescue’ me. I know you have better things to do.”

“I don’t.”

She frowned. “This is awkward.”

“Not for me.”

Of course not. Everything seemed to roll off his back, even the feelings she’d shared with him that breathtaking night. Whatever. It wasn’t as if she cared. Okay, she did…

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