#TBT More Than Want You is only .99¢!

The first novel in my Reed Family Reckoning series! If you’re looking for an alpha millionaire and a sassy, luscious redhead who’s temporary fling ignites ALL THE FIRES… this one’s for you.


☆★☆ http://shayla.link/MTWY


Reed Family Reckoning: Siblings
More Than Want You, More Than Need You, More Than Love You

Reed Family Reckoning: Bastards
More Than Crave You and More Than Tempt You

Reed Family Reckoning: Friends
More Than Dare You and More Than Hate You (coming soon!)


☆★☆ https://www.shaylablack.com/reed-family-reckoning-series/

☆★☆ More Than Hate You (coming Oct 12!) http://shayla.link/MTHY