Shayla’s Guest of the Month: Liz Berry

Welcome back, everyone, to my guest of the month segment!

The person I chose to profile is not an author. If you're a reader, you may not have heard of the amazing and wonderful Liz Berry. Professionally, she's been moving and shaking things in publishing since 2014 when she launched Evil Eye Concepts, which she considers a marketing plan rather than a publisher.

She selected ME as the author to launch her 1,001 Dark Nights collection, which was a huge honor. But she's also an amazing friend, one who recently flew halfway across the country to be with me for my birthday this year, despite the fact she could only stay 24 hours.

She's warm, always full of helpful advice, quick to laugh, and a gracious hostess. I'm honored to call her a friend and a sister of the heart. To learn more about this dynamic woman who's touched my life, read on…

Name a movie you’ve seen at least five times and why it’s a favorite.


I’ve seen the Twilight movies more than is probably healthy 🙂 .  And I watch them for the same reason I read the books over and over again – I just love how they make me feel. I get butterflies – every single time. You see, for me, Twilight started it all. Before reading that book, I read lots of non-fiction and a few thrillers. But when I found romance, it opened up a whole new world for me – and brought me to writers like Shayla. Honestly, in a round about way, without Twilight there wouldn’t be a 1001 Dark Nights family. So…Twilight for the win!


Caffeine of choice: tea, coffee, or soda?


Coffee in the morning and Diet Coke if I need a jumpstart during the day.

Where is your bucket-list vacation?


I’m so happy to say that my husband and I recently celebrated a milestone anniversary, and knocked our bucket-list vacation off our list.  In…Bora Bora!  It was everything we’d hoped it would be – and more. Stunning views, crystal clear water, white sand beaches, romantic sunsets. And most importantly, zero work. We truly spent the time focusing on each other. And that made it the best holiday ever.

What is something you cherish for its sentimental value?


My great-grandmother’s ring. But it’s so much more…

Many years ago, my great-grandfather asked his jeweler to help him create a pair of art deco diamond earrings for his wife. They’re beautiful and so very unique. When she died, they were made into cufflinks for my grandfather. Then, years later, they became tie tacks for my father and grandfather. And when I turned eighteen, one was made into a ring for me (and the other one for my little sister, a few years later). So now, my sister and I share something very special – that brings generations of our family with it!

What music are you listening to? Do you play it while you work and edit?


I definitely listen to music all the time (a trait that I share with Shayla). When I’m working, I listen to various Indie playlists. When I’m editing, I listen to film scores (the one from Twilight is a particular favorite J ). And when I’m packing for conferences – or just hanging out – I listen to pop and classic rock. Basically, I’m an all-music-all-the-time kinda girl.

Last but not least, what’s YOUR Shayla Black kiss?


My Shayla Black kiss is: Nibbled on my ear by Noah Weston (this makes me sooooooo happy lol!!)

Readers, tell me in the comments below, what is YOUR Shayla Black kiss today?

Find out more about Liz Berry and 1001 Dark Nights below!

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