Secrets from Shayla! Are YOU Ready?

Welcome to my all-new scratch pad for the stuff straight out of my head, including the SECRETS I haven’t yet shared with anyone—about my books, my writing process, my random ideas, and whatever else crosses my mind. A lot of content will be exclusive to Shayla’s Secrets, so be sure to hit the subscribe button on your right.

What kinds of Secrets will I be exposing?

Teaser Thursdays: We’ll be visiting some of the hottest book boyfriends, both ones you may have already met…and those I can’t wait for you to meet.

Secret Saturdays: Let’s exchange secrets! I’ll tell you some of mine, and you share yours. Let’s get to know each other. There might be games, fun, and prizes, too.

Wine Wednesday Rewind: Get a sip of the wine goodness you might have missed in the LIVE Facebook chat with my Book Beauties group. Enjoy a full-bodied flight of Q&A, beauty products, books, and laughs.

Surprise!: Each month, I’ll invite a friend to play. Guest authors will stop by, share their secrets, and chat about their favorite book boyfriends!

I hope you’re excited. I’m super stoked and I can’t wait to share my Secrets with you.

Mark your calendars! We’re kicking off with a bang on January 4th with the couple that started the Wicked Lovers series!


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