Secret Saturday: Characters from the More Than Words series answer YOUR questions!

Welcome back to Secret Saturday! I asked the Beauties from my Facebook group to post questions they wanted to ask the characters from the More Than Words series. Find out how Maxon feels about repeat performances of karaoke and Noah's thoughts about safety in football.
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Q: Maxon, do you ever do karaoke anymore?? If so, what is your favorite song to sing and do you ever get the other guys in on it, too?


A: No. God, no. I try not to assault everyone’s eardrums. Keeley puts up with me from time to time. But as a rule, I try to avoid public embarrassment. Griff is no better. And Noah just seems freaking good at everything he does. Tell me again why I like him? *laughs*

Q: Maxon, what did it feel like to let go of years of pent up anger?

A: Honestly, I thought all that hostility was normal. Don’t all kids become jaded adults at some point? That’s what I told myself. And if I was wound up tight? Hey, I’m a driven, type-A kind of guy. Nothing wrong with ambition, right? Yeah, that’s all the crap I told myself…until I met Keeley.


Q: Harlow, now that your parents' misdeeds are public and they are probably going to prison, do you feel a burden lifted?

A: I was surprised they’d done something criminal…but not shocked. Noah’s steps to remove them from my life meant a lot and seemed to lift that burden more than anything. I feel so blessed now. Whatever happens to them next is on them—and well deserved.

Q: Griffin how are you handling being a dad?

A: Every day is an adventure. Or an adjustment, depending on how you look at it. I was so busy worrying about my own shit before Britta and Jamie came into my life. Being a parent gives you perspective about what’s really important. The past just isn’t it. I have a great future to look forward to now, and it’s a great feeling.


Q: Noah football is a dangerous career. Is there anything management can do to protect the players while not turning off fans?

A: It’s a rough game, for sure. There are definite steps everyone involved in football can take to protect players in every age range (especially the younger ones) and in every level of the game.

  1. Better training, equipment, and coaching
  2. Stricter rules and better enforcement
  3. Limiting full-contact practices
  4. Monitoring head impact exposure
  5. Waiting until kids are older to start contact sports

Hopefully, as awareness grows, the right changes will be implemented to protect players so they can have great lives after the game.


Q: To all the characters–has Keeley given you any more playlist inspirations? If so, what and why?

A: Maxon – My wife makes me playlists all the time, mostly to tell me she loves me. Every once in a while, she reminds me I can be an ass…so I make adjustments. It’s a process. But I love that tunes are her form of communication.

Britta – Keeley, Harlow, and I have been sharing a playlist through the early stages of our pregnancy, full of lots of songs about maternal love. Sometimes, we listen together and get a little weepy.

Evan – Keeley keeps giving me music, but I’m not sure why. If she’s trying to tell me something, why not simply have a conversation? That would seem to be the most logical, efficient way of communicating…

Q: Britta, you pissed me off when you set up Griff. Do you regret your decision or would you test his trust the same way knowing what you know now?

A: It was a hard decision to make, but if I had to do it again, I would make the same choice. I needed to know for my peace of mind whether he really trusted me, if he was ready to have adult conversations during hard times or if he would simply assume the worst and act accordingly. In the end, I think out time apart also helped Griff see his destructive pattern of behavior. But yes, it was a wrenching decision and a terrible time for us both.


Q: Harlow, did you ever call Britta out on her test? I love that you saw it for what it was–a setup for Griffin to fail.

A: No. Griff and Britta’s relationship is something they’ve had to work out and work on. I don’t have any business in the middle of that. Besides, who am I to give relationship advice? I barely have my own act together, which is mostly thanks to Noah. And…it’s kind of true that Britta’s ploy was the wakeup call he needed to finally open up and let her understand him. It was something they both needed.


Q: Griffin, what do you have to say to Shayla Black for keeping you from your son for so long? She can be cruel.

A: Cruel or wise? Depends on your point of view. I’m not sure I was in the right place to really handle being a dad three years ago. Maybe I would have gotten my act together back then. Who knows? Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Besides, what’s to say it was all Shayla’s fault. I’m the dumbass who walked away in the first place…