Wicked Ever After (One-Mile and Brea, Part Two)


She’s desperate to keep her secret. He’s determined to seduce it out of her…

Sniper Pierce “One-Mile” Walker almost had the life he wanted until a fateful mission stripped him of everything. Forced to walk away from the small-town beauty who captured his heart, the former Marine has nothing left except resolve—and revenge. But when she suddenly announces she’s planning to marry someone else, he vows he’ll burn down the world to claim her for good.

Brea Bell was innocent…until Pierce Walker tempted her to surrender. Despite everyone’s warnings, she gave everything to the rough warrior. Then suddenly he abandoned her, leaving her shattered—and pregnant. All alone, she tucks away her dreams of love and commits to a “safe” future. In the dead of night, Pierce appears again, determined to seduce her into spilling her secret. Brea tries not to give in…but she’s powerless to resist his touch.

As Pierce confronts the all-powerful enemy threatening his woman and their unborn child, can he protect them so he and Brea can overcome their heartache…or will fate tear them apart for good?

** Wicked Ever After is the second novel in the Wicked & Devoted romantic suspense series. Stories in this series are told in a duet of two full-length novels. Each duet can be read as a standalone. Includes strong language, sexy times, alpha male attitude, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Enjoy!**

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