How To One-Night Stand (eBook)


*eBook Version*

It’s a bad idea…but it’s a proposition I can’t refuse.

Casual sex? I’d rather not…but every man I meet just wants to hook up. After another date who’s more interested in a side piece than a steady girlfriend, I’m done hoping for white lace and promises. I’m going to find the perfect guy to teach me how to hit it and quit it. It’s a great idea…until I accidentally email my proposition to the sexiest manwhore I know. My boss.

Dating? No. At the end of my broken engagement, I swore off relationships. I’m enjoying singledom and a different woman every night—until I receive a shocking come-on from my gorgeous new assistant, Kiera. It’s not smart…but I can’t resist teaching the little brunette all about no-strings sex.

Except…when I touch her, I’m shaken. When I take her to bed, the pleasure addicts me. Our pillow talk proves she’s funny, sweet, and honest. Suddenly, I’m falling hard and reconsidering my romance ban. But is it too late to convince her to give love another try now that I’ve taught her how to one-night stand?

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