Forbidden Confessions (Black Friday Book Bundle)


Get all EIGHT stories in the Forbidden Confessions: First Time and Protectors series for a  fantastic Black Friday price! Books will be personalized, signed and mailed straight to you!

Forbidden Confessions, Volume 1 (First Time)

The first 4 Forbidden Confessions all in one print book. Enjoy their First Time:

Seducing The Innocent, Book 1
Just how far will she go to keep her secret crush?

Seducing The Bride, Book 2
Just how far will he go to claim her?

Seducing The Stranger, Book 3
Just how deep will she fall after one night with a hot stranger?

Seducing The Enemy, Book 4
Just how far will he go to take his pound of flesh from her?

Enjoy these Forbidden Confessions. HEA guaranteed!

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Forbidden Confessions, Volume 2 (Protectors)

Falling for the forbidden is never something you plan. Here is my confession…

All 4 of the Forbidden Confessions: Protectors series in one print book!

Seduced by the Bodyguard, Book 5
What will he demand in exchange for keeping her safe?

Seduced by the Spy, Book 6
What will she surrender to him for his protection?

Seduced by the Assassin, Book 7
What lengths will he go to in order to claim his babygirl?

Seduced by the Mafia Boss, Book 8
A new Garrison brother confession.

HEA Guaranteed!

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In stock