My latest Reed Family Reckoning story is out now! Enjoy this little snippet…

“What’s going on?” Xavian asks once we’re behind closed doors. “You look p!ssed.”

“What do you have going on with Echo?”

“Nothing.” His denial comes too fast. His expression looks too blank.

“Bullshit. She says you two have been talking.”

He shrugs. “Some.”

Since Xavian never talks to a woman unless he wants something more, I growl. “Why? You’d better not be trying to get with her.”

“She’s just a friend.”

“Then what’s with the phone calls? I know you two have something planned this Friday night.”

“Sh!t. She told you?” Xavian frowns.

“She hinted.” I stretch the truth a little. Okay, a lot.

“And you guessed the rest…” He sighs. “Look, I was surprised when she asked me instead of you… [READ MORE HERE]


★ More Than Possess You ★