I’m so excited to bring you Matt and Madison’s story! Here’s a little taste…


“Take off your dress.” His seductive voice was as soft as silk.

He wasn’t asking; he was demanding. He was calling to that something inside her desperate to ignite a fire in one man’s heart and be his everything. The yearning was foolish and fairytale. It would probably never happen, but in that moment, she could almost picture the two of them being completely wrapped up in each other forever.

If there was such a thing as falling in love at first sight, Madison feared she’d done it. Yes, the notion of death-do-us-part was a lot for a guy she barely knew, but this was more than lust. And if she didn’t give in to this moment with Matt, she would regret it and wonder what might have been for the rest of her life.

Holding her breath, she slid one strap down her shoulder, then the other. His eyes, which had appeared a pale blue earlier under the bright lights were actually gray. Ringed by black and flecked with both a shimmering silver and a dark azure, they mesmerized her as he watched the lycra slide down her body and pool at her feet, revealing the fact she hadn’t been wearing a bra.

Now, she stood in nothing more than a tiny thong, which he gestured to with an impatient finger. “Take it off.”

With shaking hands, she slid the garment from her hips and let it skate down her thighs before she stepped out and left it where she stood.

His stare roamed all over her, and she felt it like a caress. The arousal on his face made her feel so desired. But if he wanted her, why wasn’t he actually touching her?

Madison reached for him. “Matt…”

He gripped her wrists and anchored them to the wall, staring down at her with a hard expression, as if he fought for control and sought a lid to valve his feelings.

“Are you okay?” she whispered.

“You incite everything in me. The more of you I see, the less I feel in control of myself. I need a minute to lock this sh!t down.”

So he could hold back from her? “Don’t. Give me all of you. The real you. The whole you.”

He scowled. “You don’t know what you’re asking for.”

What did that mean? Why was he hesitating? Had he been used, ghosted, and hurt, too? “Then show me. I’m here for you.”

For one last moment—a heartbeat—he gazed into her eyes. He all but inhaled her with that expression. It excited her. It seared her. Then his fingers around her wrists tightened. That was her only warning before he lunged into her personal space, flattened her against the wall, and seized her lips…