Let’s start this weekend off right with a WICKED AND TRUE sneak peek!

The conclusion to Zyron and Tessa’s story is coming March 23rd!
He’ll protect her from the world. But who will protect her from him?
A visible shudder wracked Zy’s body. “Do you want me?”
“I always have.”
“I’ve wanted you, too, baby.” Something needy and tormented twisted Zy’s face as he stepped over the threshold, kicked the door shut, locked it, then took her shoulders, dragging her against every hard inch of him. “So f*cking bad I can’t stand another second of not touching you.”
Zy stood in Tessa’s little foyer, gripping her tight against him. His lungs worked hard, breath sawing in and out, as he searched her face.
“I can’t stand it, either.” She slid her palms up his chest to clutch his shoulders. Her eyes burned hot as she trembled in his arms. “Kiss me.”