Its Sample Sunday!

Its Sample Sunday! Seduced by the Mafia Boss will be here next week so how about a little tease to go with this Forbidden Confession?


Ridge Garrison is the most frustrating, confusing, difficult, macho, annoying man I’ve ever met. I’d love to keep hating him, but I’ve got three problems.


First, when he dips his head and covers my lips with his, he reminds me that he’s amazing in bed. Since the morning he left me, my body has literally ached for him every single day. I can’t masturbate the need away. I tried. And so far, I haven’t felt even a smidgeon of interest for another man. I’m worried the damn bastard ruined me.


Second, he knows where to find Sammie. Well, he says he does. I don’t know for sure that he’s being honest…but despite the fact he’s horrible boyfriend material, Sophie and Rand swear Ridge is one of the good guys. That has to mean something, right? Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but it makes me feel better because…


Third, it pains me to admit it—and I’m seriously questioning my judgement—but I think I fell for the cocky bastard. The night we met was magical—in every sense of the word. I became every princess when I was with him. Ariel at first because he tongue-tied me so much I couldn’t find my voice. Once I did, I was Cinderella. We danced and danced until midnight. Then we kissed as the clock struck twelve, and I lost a shoe—not kidding—as I ran to my room. He chased me and returned it, slipping it on, only to slip it—and everything else I wore—off as soon as we were alone. Then I was Sleeping Beauty because after the first three times we had sex, I fell into an exhausted slumber. But he awakened me again with what I fear was true love’s kiss. We had sex again, too, rather than saved a kingdom, but it was still the most enchanting night of my life.


Until I woke up alone and realized he was no Prince Charming because he never called again.

The unwelcome realizations didn’t end there, but before I can dwell on that, that talented mouth of his works down my neck, dragging his lips and nipping at my skin. With every passing heartbeat, he gets closer and closer to my aching nipples.


Against my will, my back arches, not just offering him the hard tips but silently begging him to take them.


Ridge reaches them, hovers, breathing hot and hard. I shudder. My exhalations turn ragged. He’s so close…


Why don’t I have any shame when it comes to this man?


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