I’m beyond excited that TEMPTED BY THE EXECUTIVES is now live!

I’m beyond excited that TEMPTED BY THE EXECUTIVES is now live! I had such a blast writing Marcus, Kate, and Josh’s tempestuous (and super 🔥) journey to happily ever after. For the divorcée determined never to love again, Kate got a double dose of pleasure and two times the proof that she was worthy of all the positivity and devotion in the world. I hope you enjoy these three and their rocky road to forever.


5 Stars! “Nothing better than a well written ménage!! You do not want to miss this one!!! HOT, HOT, HOT!!” ~ Nicki, The Overflowing Bookcase 



I’ll probably regret this and I’m probably going to hell, but I can’t fight the attraction anymore.
I tuck my finger under her chin. As her lashes flutter open, I lift her face to mine. “Baby girl?”
I stare at her mouth. Kate knows what I’m asking her.
Her tongue slides across her lower lip nervously, then she looks at Josh, who’s leaning in and settling her foot onto his leg, perilously close to the hard inches straining behind his zipper.
I hold my breath, waiting, half willing her to say no and quash what’s brewing between us. The other half of me is eager as f@ck for her to say yes.
Kate’s breathing turns choppy, dragging her hard nipples across the front of her nightgown with every breath. In that moment, I’m ready to sell my soul for the mind-blowing bliss I know the three of us could share.
“You want us to help you feel good and forget?” Josh asks softly.
“I-it’s a bad idea,” she demurs. “We shouldn’t.”
I drag my thumb across her pouty lower lip. “But what do you want?