If you’re new here or if you’re a paranormal romance fan, you’ll want to hear this!

If you’ve been with me since the New Year, you’ve heard that I’m returning to write in one of my very favorite worlds—one full of adventure, danger, alliances, betrayal, passion, and—above all else—an unlikely brotherhood rising together in the midst of war to save the world.

I’m returning to the DOOMSDAY BRETHREN!


If you HAVE NOT read this series before, get ready to dive in to this rich melding of magic, ancient myth, contemporary love, and very human emotions in a good-versus-evil paranormal series. I promise to keep you gasping, excited, and on the edge of your seat as they navigate peril, heartbreak, and hard-fought happily ever afters.

If you read this series when it was traditionally published…you really haven’t. These books will be reimagined—without word-count restrictions or other editorial limitations. They’ll be bigger, darker, juicier, richer, and MUCH sexier!!! I’m holding nothing back in the retelling of the Doomsday Brethren. And I’ll be finishing the series with seven meaty novels and two super-hot novellas. So if you’ve been eager…the wait is coming to an end!

Ready to step into this new world with me? October 24 is coming! Preorder TEMPT ME WITH DARKNESS!