I seduced her to close the deal. Now I refuse to ever let her go.

Everyone who’s waited for sexy, snarky Sebastian Shaw’s story since meeting him in More Than Crave You…your wait is almost over! He’s definitely found the right one—and met his match—in Sloan. Get ready for More Than Hate You, coming October 12!

I seduced her to close the deal. Now I refuse to ever let her go.

I’m Sebastian Shaw—CFO, pragmatist, and dealmaker. The only thing I’ve ever mismanaged is love, but a decade in business has proven I can successfully negotiate with anyone…except the irrationally stubborn O’Neills. After their patriarch’s sudden retirement, I find myself sparring long-distance over a make-or-break merger with his youngest daughter, Sloan. She’s a ball-busting piece of work. Thankfully, I have skills, an hourglass-shaped stranger I recently met to relieve my stress, and a killer plan to take down my rival.

Then I realize the gorgeous distraction in my bed is Sloan. Worse, I’m falling for her.

Suddenly, everything from my objectives to my morals is cloudy. Stay loyal to my best friend and boss to get this critical deal done at any cost…or give my heart another chance? But the more time I spend with Sloan O’Neill, the more I realize she’s sharp, determined, funny, and kind of perfect for me. She has no idea how far I’ll go to mend this rift and make her mine—but she’s about to find out.

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