How about a tasty treat from my latest Forbidden Confession?

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˙·٠•●♥️ SEXY SNIPPET♥️●•٠·˙

Rush scans me up and down, his eyes flaring hot as his stare brands between my legs, singes my breasts, then fastens on my own. “Morning.”

Oh, god. Everything about him arouses me. I can’t breathe.

What is he thinking? Wanting? Did he really mean those words he growled at me last night?

How do I respond? Indecision grips me. Cover up my feelings and hide…or go for it?

I know what I want.

“Vanessa.” He swallows as if he’s trying to say something difficult. “We need to talk.”

Of course. He’s changed his mind. He wants to tell me his come-on was merely the wine talking. Or that he was simply horny. Or that he only said what he thought would take my mind off everything traumatic yesterday.

But I don’t want to hear whatever bad news he feels the need to break. If this is my one chance, despite the fact we work together and I only know what I’m doing because I read some really hot books, I’m going to give this my all.

“Can it wait?”

He looks confused. Then his stare rakes me again. His hands curl into fists. “Is something wrong?”

“No. But I need to…” What? Plead with him to forget that, until last night, he’d been nothing but my co-worker who had never shown a bit of interest in me? “Never mind. I can’t say this with words.”

Before I lose my nerve, I stomp in his direction, plaster my body against his, and stand on my tiptoes to circle my arms around his neck. For the second time in my life, I impulsively press my lips to his.

He freezes. I feel his surprise. It takes him a moment, and I’m so afraid he’ll push me away that my heart starts aching as it trips in my chest.

But Rush doesn’t. An instant later, he recovers from being startled—with a vengeance.