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Are you ready for a steamy, emotional, must-read romance? This sexy, angsty family drama will have you cheering, jeering, laughing, and fanning yourself as you follow Maxon, my uber-rich, uber-successful hero, who will do anything to close a big deal—even sabotage his most serious competitor…his estranged brother. But when he enters into a pretend relationship with sunny, go-with-the-flow Keeley to exact his revenge, things quickly heat up between him and his temporary fling.

With an ending twist you won’t see coming, this novel will have you rooting for the characters to overcome their pasts and find happiness in each other. And the best part? The eBook is completely free! Don't miss out on this captivating series starter that will have you hooked from start to finish! http://shayla.link/MTWY

🌸 Billionaire

🌸 Grumpy/Sunshine

🌸 Pretend Relationship

🌸 Revenge

🌸 Temporary Fling