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Question: Why can't I find some of your titles in print in bookstores?

Answer: Some of my titles are independently published. Bookstores don’t typically carry indie fiction. There’s a long, business-related explanation for this, but rest assured, in every case possible I make sure there’s a print book available. Buy links for any given title are always listed on the book’s overview page on this site. Additionally, every book I have in print can be purchased via the Shayla store, signed and personalized as desired.

Question: Why so long between books in any given series?

Answer: Writing and editing a book is a time-consuming process. Juggling more than one series is a delicate balance, and I try my best to release something in every series as often as I can. Coordinating schedules with my partners on collaborative series is even more challenging. I promise I’m always hard at work to give readers the next adventure as soon as possible!

Question: Which of your series have to be read in order?


Series that must be read in order for full understanding: Perfect Gentlemen, and Doms of Her Life (Raine Falling and Heavenly Rising).

Series that can be read as standalones (but you may enjoy the interactions and characters more if you've read in order): More Than Words, Wicked Lovers, Devoted Lovers, Wicked & Devoted, Forbidden Confessions, Masters of Ménage, Misadventures, and Sexy Capers.


Question: Will you be writing more Wicked Lovers novels?

Answer: The final full-length Wicked Lovers book, Holding on Tighter, is available. My spin-off series, Devoted Lovers, debuted with Devoted to Pleasure. If you're wondering what happened with Cutter Bryant, start there, then continue with Devoted to Love. Want to know about Brea and One-Mile? Launch into Wicked & Devoted, beginning with the duet, Wicked as Sin and Wicked Ever After.

Question: I watched the book video for Decadent and I love that song. Who sings it?

Answer: I don’t know who sings it, but a man named Dan Gautreau is the composer. I love the song, too!


Question: Will you, Jenna Jacob, and Isabella LaPearl be releasing book 3 in the Heavenly Rising saga (The Commitment) anytime soon? Will it be available in audio, too?

Answer: We're hoping to start working on The Commitment as soon as our schedules allow, with a likely release in 2021. Once we're finished, we'll share all the information about eBook, print, and audio.


Question: Will you and Lexi Blake be writing another Masters of Ménage book?

Answer: We’re still hoping to release the next in the series in the future. Watch for Their Virgin Bride! Cover, blurb, and preorder links coming as soon as they are available.


Question: Will you and Lexi Blake be writing the continuing adventures of their children?

Answer: At this point, we have no plans to write more books in this series.


Question: Will you be writing more Doomsday Brethren books?

Answer: I hope to release another one someday. Besides my schedule being VERY full, I have some contractual issues with the original publisher that nixed my plans to reissue previous titles (with all the sex and other deleted scenes they'd removed) so I could continue the series. If that changes, then I'll work a new DDB title into my calendar because I miss these characters, too. Rest assured, I've heard from MANY of you who want to know what's going to happen with Bram and his mysterious Emma. And of course, lots of people ask for an update on the big guy, Shock. I'm hoping this situation resolves itself soon. I'll keep everyone advised if there's any progress.


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