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Question: Why can’t I find some of your titles in print in bookstores?

Answer: Some of my titles are independently published. Bookstores don’t typically carry indie fiction. There’s a long, business-related explanation for this, but rest assured, in every case possible I make sure there’s a print book available. Buy links for any given title are always listed on the book’s overview page on this site. Additionally, every book I have in print can be purchased via the Shayla store, signed and personalized.

Question: Why so long between books in any given series?

Answer: Writing and editing a book is a time-consuming process. Juggling more than one series is a delicate balance, and I try my best to release something in every series as often as I can. Coordinating schedules with my partners on collaborative series is even more challenging. I promise I’m always hard at work to give readers the next adventure as soon as possible!

Question: Which of your series have to be read in order?

Answer: Series that must be read in order for full understanding: Doomsday Brethren, Unbroken (formerly Doms of Her Life), and Perfect Gentlemen.

Series that can be read as standalones (but you may enjoy the interactions and characters more if you’ve read in order): Wicked Lovers: Soldiers for Hire, Reed Family Reckoning (formerly More Than Words), Wicked Lovers, Devoted Lovers, Forbidden Confessions, Masters of Ménage, Misadventures, and Sexy Capers.


Question: Will you be writing more Wicked Lovers novels?

Answer: Yes! The original Wicked Lovers series ended with Holding on Tighter. I’ve now moved on to new adventures featuring the former military operatives of Hunter and Logan Edgington and Joaquin Muñoz’s private security company, EM Security Management, in the Wicked Lovers: Soldiers for Hire series. You can begin that adventure for FREE with WICKED AS SIN and binge your way through multiple duets, meeting new characters while getting caught up with old favorites!

Question: I watched the book video for Decadent and I love that song. Who sings it?

Answer: I don’t know who sings it, but a man named Dan Gautreau is the composer. I love the song, too!


Question: Will you be writing more Doomsday Brethren books?

Answer: Yes! I’ve returned to one of my very favorite worlds to write in. It’s a paranormal world of adventure, danger, alliances, betrayal, passion, and—above all else—an unlikely brotherhood rising together in the midst of war to save the world. I will be reimagining the previously published books into something bigger, darker, juicier, richer, and definitely sexier!!! I’m holding nothing back in the retelling of the Doomsday Brethren novels. And I’ll be working my way toward finishing the series!

So if you’ve been eager for more, the wait is coming to an end! Tempt Me With Darkness is available HERE! Subsequent books in the series will follow every few months, so stay tuned!


Question: What happened to the Doms of Her Life series?

Answer: We renamed the series Unbroken to better reflect the nature of these angsty, emotionally tangled, super sexy sagas (and gave them gorgeous new covers, too!), but the stories are still the same.

Question: Will you and Jenna Jacob be releasing last book in the Heavenly Rising saga soon? Will it be available in audio?

Yes. Book four, The Commitment, is planned for the future. However, we do not currently have a firm release date yet. Rest assured we will advise readers as soon as we have an answer for you about the eBook and print release, as well as the audiobook. Click here for details and preorder links.


Question: Will you and Lexi Blake be writing another Masters of Ménage book?

Answer: Currently, we have no plans to release more books in this series.


Question: Will you and Lexi Blake be writing the continuing adventures of their children?

Answer: At this point, we have no plans to write more books in this series.


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