Their kiss had torched his good sense and sent his best intentions up in flame


He took her face in his hands. Tessa’s lush lips were mere inches from his, and all he could think about was covering them with his own while he stripped off everything that shielded her body from his stare. He ached to carry her to bed, work every inch of his cock into her, and indulge in all the fantasies he’d had of her seemingly forever.

Tonight. He’d give himself that long to drown in Tessa, in their pleasure. Then he’d have to focus on proving her innocence so the trio of paranoid fuck-bags they worked for didn’t fire her. Yes, he hated that tonight was only possible because they had forced his hand. But right now, he only cared that Tessa belonged to him.

“Baby…” he breathed as he brought her closer and seized her nape, tilting her head to meet his descending mouth.

Their lips connected. Finally. Right there in her tiny entryway, the impossible happened.

She gasped. His body jolted. Everything stopped—breath, thoughts, heart, and time.

Fuck, she was so soft. He was greedy to have all of her.

Zy shoved her lips apart and surged into her mouth. She was warm and sweet like honey. He wanted to drown in her, die with her. Need soared. His cock turned to steel. His impatience climbed.

Damn it, if he couldn’t keep it together now, how was he going to give Tessa the kind of ecstasy that ensured she’d never look at another man? Never want to leave him?

His crumbling restraint shouldn’t shock him. Before he’d even walked through her door, this need had been a fever boiling his blood. But now that he’d laid his mouth on hers… Game over. Their kiss had torched his good sense and sent his best intentions up in flames. The way he burned for her was unlike anything he’d ever felt. The simple touch of her fingers clinging to his arms as her little whimpers filled the air was like kindling on a roaring blaze.

Would they even make it to the bed? Zy wasn’t optimistic.

His lips never left hers as he urged her from the foyer to the living room. She took baby steps backward and pushed his coat off his shoulders. He shrugged out of it, not caring when it dropped to the floor, landing somewhere near the shoes he toed off while unfastening his jeans and deepening their kiss.

Even with their tongues tangling and his clothes melting away, he wasn’t close enough to her.

Zy lifted Tessa against him, cupping her ass and grinding her against his cock as he took ground-eating steps to her softly lit bedroom. She didn’t protest, simply hooked her legs around his hips and rocked against him with pleading moans he swallowed with his bruising kiss.

Fuck, he loved sex…but this? It was paradise wrapped in candied fantasy. It was pleasure stacked on top of ecstasy and soaked in bliss. He’d only kissed Tessa, but already he felt speechless and half-dizzy. His brain had all but stopped, his thoughts skewing to nothing but the million ways he ached to please her.