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A small, delectable taste…

Seduced by the Assassin…  She needs someone good. That’s not me. #newrelease #forbiddenconfession #singledad #friendstolovers   A small, delectable taste…   You could be happy, too. Pick that lock, walk through that door, and lay your heart at her feet. Havana will probably laugh—and she should. I’m almost twice her age. The profession I’ve chosen

#TBT More Than Want You is only .99¢!

The first novel in my Reed Family Reckoning series! If you’re looking for an alpha millionaire and a sassy, luscious redhead who’s temporary fling ignites ALL THE FIRES… this one’s for you.   ☆★☆ http://shayla.link/MTWY   Reed Family Reckoning: Siblings More Than Want You, More Than Need You, More Than Love You Reed Family Reckoning: