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Secret Saturday: Fifteen Things You May Not Know About Me

I’ve got Secrets to Reveal! Okay, so I talk about books a lot…but y’all ask me questions about me. So, I’m going to share with you a fast fifteen things you may not know, everything from my thoughts on the existence of aliens to my guilty pleasures. I’d love it if you’d answer in the

Teaser Thursday: One Dom To Love

It’s Teaser Thursday! So what am I going to do? Tempt you with something a little juicy… This week I’m being nice, since you can get your hands on this book right now—for FREE! It’s no secret that I love writing the twisty, turny, angsty Doms of Her Life series. So today, I’m teasing you

An Early Secret Saturday – A Perfect Match

I’ve got a Secret! We’re off to set sail on the 1001 Dark Nights Cruise. Before we go, I’ll be revealing a few secrets about, A Perfect Match! I originally wrote this book for a couple of reasons. First, some friends challenged me to see if I could write both a sweeter and a shorter book.

Secrets from Shayla! Are YOU Ready?

Welcome to my all-new scratch pad for the stuff straight out of my head, including the SECRETS I haven’t yet shared with anyone—about my books, my writing process, my random ideas, and whatever else crosses my mind. A lot of content will be exclusive to Shayla’s Secrets, so be sure to hit the subscribe button