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My latest Reed Family Reckoning story is out now! Enjoy this little snippet…

“What’s going on?” Xavian asks once we’re behind closed doors. “You look p!ssed.” “What do you have going on with Echo?” “Nothing.” His denial comes too fast. His expression looks too blank. “Bullshit. She says you two have been talking.” He shrugs. “Some.” Since Xavian never talks to a woman unless he wants something more,

Three Broken people.

Three Broken people. Separate. Adrift. Damaged. Raine loves Macen. He burns for her…but she’s off-limits. Until his best friend, Liam, says he wants her for himself. And their fiery collision begins… An innocent runaway, her tormented savior, and the shrewd player embark on an epic, passionate journey of rage, jealousy, forgiveness, and love to become Unbroken. ★ The

Don’t miss this best friends-to-lovers story! Here’s a tiny taste…

We make small talk about the resort, work, and school while we consume liquor, food, then more liquor. It’s nice, like old times—mostly. I hate that I’m noticing that the exposed flesh of Echo’s breasts playing peekaboo with her dress are a few shades lighter than the rest of her. Is that as pale as

★ Reed Family Reckoning series ★

Reed Family Reckoning perfectly describes the way these very different characters come together to form a family of both blood and bonds…with each falling for that one special person who completes them. ★ Reed Family Reckoning series ★ See them all here! →  http://shayla.link/RFR-Series ★ More Than Hate You ★ Pre-Order! → http://shayla.link/MTHY ★ More