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Don’t miss this best friends-to-lovers story! Here’s a tiny taste…

We make small talk about the resort, work, and school while we consume liquor, food, then more liquor. It’s nice, like old times—mostly. I hate that I’m noticing that the exposed flesh of Echo’s breasts playing peekaboo with her dress are a few shades lighter than the rest of her. Is that as pale as

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New look, new series name, same amazing stories!

New look, new series name, same amazing stories! You’ll get all the angsty, wrenching, super-steamy, hilarious, feel-good wordgasms you’ve come to expect from this series.   ★ The Unbroken Series: HEAVENLY RISING ★ https://www.shaylablack.com/book-category/unbroken-heavenly-rising   ★ The Commitment ★ Pre-Order! → http://shayla.link/TCommit