Wicked to Love

Wicked Lovers, Book 5.5

Could the boss she walked away from finally become the lover of her dreams?

Brandon Ross paid a steep price when he fell for a former friend's wife. Years later, he still holds all women to his old flame's standard. And Emberlin Evans, Brandon's secretary, knows she can’t measure up. She would do anything to make her boss notice her. But when a phone call from his ex sends Brandon chasing her, Em knows it's time to stop waiting for him and move on. Funny how her resignation gets Brandon's attention in a way short skirts didn't.

When Brandon confronts Emberlin, he realizes that he's been blind to his feelings for her—and that the way she always calls him Sir and says “please” has his thoughts turning wicked…

(Note: the print version of Wicked to Love appears in a combined volume with Wicked All The Way.)

Short Story

Wicked Lovers SERIES


“What is the meaning of this?” Brandon Ross grabbed Emberlin Evans’s arm before she could duck into her apartment.

As she gasped out a startled sound and turned to face him, Brandon fisted her letter between them. Goddamn it, he wanted an explanation for why she’d tossed this crap on his desk and left without a word.

Then he saw her face. Redness rimmed her swollen hazel eyes. Tears splashed down her mottled cheeks, rolling past her lips, which were pressed together in a grim line.

His anger evaporated, and he eased closer, relaxing his grip. “Em, are you all right?”

She pulled away, her pale hair like a cloud around her shoulders as she fumbled with her keys. “Fine. I’ve resigned, effective immediately. That’s all you need to know.”

What the hell? Legally, he wasn’t entitled to know more, but personally? “Emmy, what happened? Did someone hurt you?”

“Not in the way you mean.” She closed her eyes, refusing to look at him. “Just…go.”

Fuck no. He’d seen Em cry once in the three years they’d worked together—the day she’d lost her mother. This wasn’t the same calm assistant he’d relied on for everything from faultless organization to uncanny insight. Seeing her pain made his chest feel hollow and tight. Even if she wasn’t going to work for him anymore, he refused to leave her upset.

“Tell me what’s wrong, Em. Do you need help?”

“No.” She edged behind the door, putting it between them, and set her keys on the counter. “I can’t work for you anymore. My resignation letter says everything relevant.”

“Except why.”

Incredulity crossed her face. “Why do you care?”

“No one is more efficient or can more ruthlessly prep me for a meeting. You know this business. We’ve been a damn good team. I don’t understand.”

Em gripped the door between them. “You’ll find someone else who’s equally qualified.”

“I don’t want to find someone else. You’re the best. Do you need more money? I’ll do my damndest to get you a raise. You deserve it.”

“It’s not about money.” She started to close the door, shutting him out.

Alarm set in, and Brandon wedged his foot inside, blocking her. He peeked through the crack. “Please. I…need you.”

The thought of her not being his right hand stabbed him with panic. Nothing would run right without her. He wouldn’t run right without her sassy finger wags, sparkling laughter, and ruthless organization.

But instead of coaxing, his admission seemed to crush her. Her face crumbled as more tears spilled. “No, you don’t. You never will.”