Wicked and Bare


He’d give his life to protect her…but he’ll demand everything from her in return.

Madison Archer-Pershing fled her murderous, soon-to-be ex-husband, running straight to operative Matt Montgomery, despite the fact he once broke her heart. Under his protection and in his arms, she can’t help but fall for him again. Then her husband discovers them together and coerces her back to his glittering, dangerous world of politics, greed, and deception. But Madison knows his deepest secrets…just like she knows he’ll try to silence her forever.

Matt knows he’s bad for good-girl Madison. He’s too rough, too commanding, but he can’t resist the woman who still owns his heart. Though he’s determined to keep her safe at any cost…he can’t protect her from his own dark desires. As she melts in his embrace, shocking revelations rock them. Peril lurks around every corner. And when he’s confronted with the most wrenching decision of his life, will he rip out his heart to save her or risk everything to claim her forever?

*This book contains a dominant hero, explicit sexual content, violence, danger, profanity, and dark themes. If you’re looking for a sweet read or a traditionally loveable hero, this is not the book for you.*

Wicked and Bare (the conclusion of Matt & Madison’s story) is part of the Wicked Lovers: Soldiers for Hire romantic suspense series. Stories in this series are told in a duet of two full-length novels that conclude in happily ever after. Each duet can be read as a standalone. Enjoy!

What’s included?

  • Alpha hero
  • Angst
  • BD$M
  • Bodyguard
  • Danger
  • Dominant
  • Forbidden love
  • Obsessed hero
  • Protector
  • Second-chance romance
  • Security team

Wicked Lovers: Soldiers for Hire SERIES


The horror of their situation washed over Madison. She and Matt would be stuck under her estranged husband’s roof—under his thumb—for three excruciating months.

Matt approached her, his stare full of gravity. “We have to talk.”

“We do. Have you lost your mind? Or do you just have a death wish? If you come to DC with me, you’ll be an even bigger target for Todd. More accessible, too.”

“You’re his prey of choice. If he tries to make me his whipping boy and I take some of his attention off you, that’s a win.”

Madison gaped. “You don’t know what you’re inviting. Did you forget he’s capable of murder?”

“No. That’s why I refuse to leave you alone with him.”

His protectiveness melted her heart, but he wasn’t hearing her. “He’ll use you to get to me.”

“So you think I should just save myself and let you suffer alone with punk-a$$ Ethan and some unnamed muscle who doesn’t give a sh!t what happens to you?” Matt’s eyes narrowed. “Or did you just assume I’d cut out when things got tough?”

Once, she’d thought precisely that. She’d never questioned Matt’s bravery in the face of danger, but in the past, their budding relationship had been too emotional and too unsettling for him. Somewhere in the rubble of her broken heart, she’d figured she hadn’t been worth the hardship. Since coming to the swamp, she’d begun questioning that. Matt had made her feel like the center of his universe. He’d opened up about his fears and accepted his needs while embracing hers. Still, that niggling part of her, where her insecurities lived, wouldn’t stop worrying that the price he paid for being with her would become too high.

“I don’t know what to think. I never expected Todd to show up this morning, much less that I’d be going back to DC. Everything is happening so fast.”

Matt wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. “I told you that I won’t walk away just because you’re afraid for me. That’s still true. Besides, you might be married to Todd at the moment, but as long as I protect you, you’re mine. That lush mouth. That sweet pu$$y. That pretty a$$. Every thought, every wish, every ache, every heartbeat? Mine.”



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