Their Virgin Princess

Masters of Ménage, Book 4 (Novel)

Three hardened warriors. One princess with a past.

Alea Binte al Mussad, Princess of Bezakistan, was abducted from her university, mentally tortured and forced to witness the worst of humanity. She was rescued, but not before fear and her shattered soul made her retreat into herself. Two years later, she’s living behind the palace’s locked gates and the walls she’s built surrounding her heart. Alea is comforted by the joyous family around her, but inside feels so alone—except when she’s with the steady trio of guards who relentlessly keep her safe. And tempt her with a passion she isn’t sure she’ll survive.

Dane Mitchell, Cooper Evans, and Landon Nix wanted Alea from the moment they laid eyes on her. Held back by their duty and her fragility, they worship the Princess from afar, determined to claim her if the chance ever comes. When Alea learns that someone may still be hunting her, she plots to escape both danger and her guards’ simmering, overwhelming passion. Dane, Coop, and Lan aren’t about to let her go. When they find themselves in paradise and all boundaries are stripped away, the ice begins to melt around Alea’s heart. But when reality comes crashing in, will she learn to accept love before a killer strikes again?

What's Included?

  • BDSM
  • Bodyguard
  • Danger
  • Forced Proximity
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Ménage
  • On-The-Run
  • Roommates
  • Royalty
  • Secret Baby
  • Virgin

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“Damn you, get off this plane!” She tugged even harder, putting her weight into the effort. 

Instead of staring at her like he was bored, this time Dane stood. His massive frame towered over her. He wasn’t smiling. 

“Sit down, Alea. We’re going to cut through the rest of this crap and get straight to acceptance. We’re going wherever you’re going. If you would like to stay in Bezakistan, we can do that. As it happens, I think a little time away would be good for all of us.” 

“No,” she nearly shouted. “I need time away from everything that distracts and confuses me. That definitely includes you three.” 

“Does it now?” he asked, his voice going dangerously low. 

He didn’t touch her, but she could feel the heat of his body reaching her, wrapping around her. He was so close. Like Cooper had been close the night before. Alea took a long breath, trying to calm herself, but what she got was a nose full of the delicious, masculine scent of soap and something else uniquely Dane. 

“Answer me, Alea. Do you really want to be away from us? Because I think you’re lying. I can see your nipples. They’re hard.” 

Damn it, she should have worn a sweater. She crossed her arms over her chest. “It’s because I’m mad. They’re not aroused nipples. They’re angry nipples.” 

“I’m going to teach you not to lie, Alea. Those are lonely nipples. Those are aching nipples. Do you want to know what I’ve got planned for them?” His voice had gone husky. 

A hot denial sprung up inside her, settling between her legs, and she wondered if she was fending him off or just baiting the bear. “You’re my guards. You’re supposed to keep my body safe, not touch me. No, wait. You aren’t my guards. I’m firing you right now. You can’t talk to me like that.” 

“We are your guards, according to Tal. He signs our paychecks. And I’m going to talk to you this way a lot from now on. We’re not going to let you dismiss us anymore. There’s something between all of us. Chemistry like this doesn’t happen often, and I’ll be damned if I let you keep shoving that aside just because you’re too scared to see where it leads, Princess.” 

Dane’s voice sizzled over her skin, an unavoidable reminder of the heat scorching through her. 

“He’s right. I’ve never felt anything like this.” Landon was suddenly behind her, his voice a hot whisper on the nape of her neck. “I can’t just walk away from it. I want to be around you. With you. Inside you. I want you to work with us to make this whole thing good.” 

Alea stifled a moan bubbling in her throat at the feel of them so close. “There’s no ‘thing.’” 

She’d meant for that statement to come out in a firm voice, but it just sounded breathy and sensual. They weren’t touching her, but for the first time, she wanted them to. She’d lost it last night when Coop had grabbed her just before… But what if he hadn’t? What if she’d kept her head? What if they took everything really slowly? Maybe she wasn’t totally broken and her body could actually respond if they told her what they planned to do, prepared her mentally first. 


“There’s more than a little something between us, baby,” Coop said, sitting up now, his previous laziness shoved aside. “It’s real, and we’ve all been dodging it. I’m done with that.” 

“I am, too.” Dane’s words sounded like a vow. “So now I’m going to tell you exactly what I want to do.” 

The desire shimmering from those blue eyes made something in her belly jump and tighten. If what he had to say was half as hot as his face suggested, she wouldn’t be able to handle it. “Don’t. Please. I’ll sit back down.” 

“Ah, we’re back to bargaining.” Dane’s hair was just the slightest bit shaggy, and she loved the way it curled around his ears as he looked down at her. “I think we have another couple of minutes before takeoff, so I’ll elaborate. First, I want to look at your breasts, Alea. I want you to take your shirt off and show them to me. I want you to cup them with your hands and offer them up.” 

She shook her head even as the heat inside her surged. “I can’t do that.” 

“He’ll tell you how beautiful they are,” Landon continued. “We all will…”



Top Pick! “This hot and spicy read… kept me on my toes, guessing until the big reveal.”
– Night Owl Reviews

Reviewer's Choice Award! “Shayla Black and Lexi Blake weave their ménage magic once again… This book captured my heart…”
– Two Lips Reviews

“I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading erotic, ménage romances.”
-Ramblings and Reviews