The Choice

Unbroken: Heavenly Rising, Book 1

One innocent. Two rivals. No compromise.

Nursing student Heavenly Young is struggling to care for her ailing father, keep a roof over their heads, and start a new career. Romance isn’t even on her radar. Then fate throws two tempting men in her path, forcing her to make a choice that will change her life forever.

Dr. Ken Beckman has two rules: never date where he works and never touch virgins. He’s sorely tested when he meets Heavenly. Since she’s too innocent for his dark desires, he resists claiming her—until Seth Cooper, manwhoring bastard, decides she’ll be his next conquest. But it isn’t long before the ex-cop turned private eye finds himself falling for the angel, too. Seth fights his feelings, but once he hears Beck also wants her, he vows to save her from the deviant.

Beck and Seth, once good friends, become vicious adversaries in the battle for Heavenly’s heart. When they discover she’s been keeping dangerous secrets from them both, will they call a truce and work together…or lose her for good?


*Previously published as DOHL: Heavenly Rising (Book 1) – The Choice


** Series must be read in order **

Unbroken: Heavenly Rising SERIES


Raine’s big brother shoved a glass of thick red vino in her hand. “So, did you find someone to fuck your brains out?” 

She recoiled. If she gave him an equally blunt answer, would he stop this mortifying inquisition? 

“Yes. It was easy.” Heavenly punctuated her lie with a bright smile. 

River glowered. “Tell me Beck or Seth finally manned up.” 

“He’s someone you don’t know.” 

One of River’s dark brows shot up. “Where did you meet him?” 


“What does that mean? A park? A bar? A grocery store? A swingers’ club?” 

“Why does it matter? I found someone and it was lovely.” 

He looked skeptical. “Lovely? That’s how you describe meeting a stranger, losing your clothes, and banging him?” 

Heavenly bristled. “How would you describe a hookup?” 

“Hot, sweaty, messy. Mind-blowing. Spine-melting. Earth-shattering.” River snorted. “Never lovely.” 

“Sweaty?” She shuddered. “That sounds unpleasant. It was nice. I…tingled.” 

“Tingled?” He scowled. “Did your pussy fall asleep because he couldn’t find your clit? Maybe you should have given him a map.” 

She nearly choked on her wine. “I found the experience perfectly satisfying.” 

“Sweetheart, you don’t know squat about satisfaction.” Raine’s brother leaned in and peered at her, eye to eye. “Here’s what I think happened: You haven’t so much as flirted with another man. You don’t understand why ‘lovely’ sex is bad because you’ve never had it. In fact, not only did you not have sex with this mysterious ‘stud,’ you haven’t offered the virginity you asked me to take to anyone else.” 

“What. The fuck. Did you say?” Beck growled suddenly. 

Heavenly glanced over her shoulder. Both Beck and Seth glared from across the kitchen. Oh, no. 

 “Get out,” Seth snapped at River, hauling ass across the room. “Now. While you can still walk.” 

Dread burned her veins. She didn’t have to wonder how much they’d overheard. Obviously, it had been more than enough. Tonight had just gone from mortifying to catastrophic. 

River backed away, hands raised. “Hey, just so you know, I turned her down because I like my balls where they are.” 

“That’s the only reason you’re getting to keep them,” Beck insisted. “Seth told you to get the fuck out.” 

“I’m leaving,” River assured, then glanced her way. “Good luck.” 

Once he’d gone, silence descended. She was alone with the two men who had been tempting, confusing, and consuming her for months. They were going to demand answers. 

This wouldn’t end well. 

Heavenly drew in a shaky breath, startled to find both now inches away, arms crossed over their chests. Aggression rolled off them, filling the tense air. Beck drilled holes through her with narrowed eyes, set off by a scathing slash of his mouth. Seth’s seething stare was no less displeased. Unfortunately, she had nothing to offer the savage beasts except a smile full of trembling bravado. 

Because the truth would change everything.




5 Stars! “The writing is so good, and the plot so full of twists and wonderful dialogue, the end drew close all too quickly. I defy you not to get all hot and bothered…”
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