Tempt Me with Darkness

Doomsday Brethren, Book 1 (Novel)

I hate her as much as I can’t live without her.

I’ve been cursed, and I’m out for revenge. I’ll do anything to end my damnation, including kidnap an innocent with telling violet eyes.

For a thousand years I’ve been an immortal recluse. Suddenly, I’m tortured by filthy dreams that leave me craving my captive. Worse, once I lay rough hands on her soft skin, I demand things from her I shouldn’t. I feel things beyond the hatred that has consumed me.

And a hunger more demanding than any vengeance.

The second I meet Marrok, my heart stutters. My world stops. I’m drawn to the brash stranger, until…

He abducts me.
He vows to slake fifteen centuries of lust on me.
He demands I uncurse him, or he’ll kill me.

We should never have met. We’re enemies. Fate makes us lovers. Magic decrees us mates, unlocking secrets and unleashing a dark, paranormal power determined to burn down the world. Unless we band together, we’re doomed.

(This series was previously published, but I am reimagining these books. They will be bigger, darker, juicier, richer, and definitely hotter!!!)

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