Seducing the Innocent

Forbidden Confessions, Book 1

Just how far will she go to keep her secret crush?

I’m Kayla.
I’m twenty-one.
And I’m all alone in the world—except for my late brother’s best friend.
But Oliver intends to move back to London.
I’m in love with him. I have to persuade him not to leave…somehow.
If I confess I’m a virgin and show him how far I’ll go to keep him, will he stay?
Maybe, but I also never suspected he’s keeping a shocking secret of his own…

Enjoy this Forbidden Confession. HEA guaranteed!


Forbidden Confessions: First Time SERIES


One of his warm hands left my breast and skated down my waist, over my hip, to settle there and bring me closer. I could smell a hint of toothpaste on his breath. 

“Have you let any of those tossers you’ve dated kiss you, Kayla?” 

I swallowed. What would he do if I told him the truth? “A few.” 

He scowled as if my answer pained him. “Did you like it?” 

I’d wanted to, but… “It was all right. But clearly, no one has blown my panties off.” 

I suspected Oliver could. 

His blue eyes softened. “Kissing can be wonderful. Someday, when you find a man you care about, one who knows what he’s doing, you’ll love it.” 

I had a man I very much cared about standing right in front of me, and the thought of kissing Oliver made my body throb in arousal. I swayed closer, pressing my aching breasts against his chest. “What about you? I’ll bet you know what you’re doing.” 

The second the words left my mouth, my heart careened out of control. 

Oliver groaned. “I shouldn’t kiss you, Kayla.” 

“Please.” I was begging him. “Just once.” My lips tingled. Everything in my body flushed hot. Even my skin seemed too tight. And the ache between my legs was relentless. “You’ve already touched my breasts.” 

“Are you bloody trying to kill me, little girl?” His voice sounded rough with need. That excited me even more. 

“Is one kiss asking so much?” I clasped his T-shirt in my fists and tilted my face under his. 

He hesitated for a long moment, his eyes searching mine, nostrils flaring, jaw rigid. Then he grabbed me by the nape, holding me immobile, and slanted his lips over mine… 



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