Seducing the Enemy

Forbidden Confessions, Book 4

My rival’s little sister betrayed me? I’ll take my revenge in bed.
Years ago, I kissed my best friend’s innocent sister.
Then he stole my billion-dollar idea, and she stabbed me in the back.
Now their company is on the edge of bankruptcy, while I’m richer than I ever dreamed.
So I offer her forty million dollars for a week in my bed.
She has no choice but to give herself to me.
I’ll make her drop to her knees.
I’ll make her beg.
I’ll make her confess that she’s mine.
But after one touch, seven days will never be enough…

What’s inside?

  • Anti-hero
  • Best friend’s little sister
  • Billionaire
  • Dominant hero
  • Enemies to lovers
  • Forced seduction
  • Kink
  • Revenge
  • Virgin

Forbidden Confessions: First Time SERIES


“What’s your offer?” she demands.
“In a hurry? Why don’t we have a drink? I haven’t seen you in a long time.”
She scoffs. “Let’s not pretend I matter to you.”
I raise a brow at Whitney. She does matter…but admitting that would only weaken my position. “Humor me. After all, it’s my forty million dollars.”
“Fine.” She lifts one delicate shoulder like she doesn’t care, but I can read her. On some level, I get to her and she hates that. “Vodka cranberry. Make it a double.”
I acknowledge her with a curt nod, then I motion to the bartender, who takes our order.
“You’re not drinking with me?” She scowls.
“I never drink.” I haven’t since that summer.
Whitney’s gaze probes me for a long moment. “Because you’re a control freak?”
You have no idea.
I smile. “You can call me names and divert the subject all day. That doesn’t change why we’re here.”
“So you’re going to lend Vance forty million dollars to save his company—”
“Which should have been our company.”
“You lost that lawsuit.”
“Because your brother is a lying, thieving snake.” And you helped him, didn’t you?
She arches her dark brow at me. “Is all this charm how you’ve become so successful?”
Life has apparently roughed up my sweet princess and given her a stronger spine. I like it.
Breaking her will definitely be more fun.
“No. I’m successful because I’m ruthless.”




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