Seducing the Bride

Forbidden Confessions, Book 2

My best friend’s daughter is engaged? I’m going to change that.
Barely legal Perrie propositions me the night before she leaves for college.
I ache to make the innocent a woman in every way.
But I’m too old for her.
Too filthy.
Too possessive.
When I end the kiss, she vows to save herself for me.
Four years later, she returns—with a fiancé.
I’ll take her from him.
I’ll make her admit she’s mine.
I’ll ride her raw and bare with every inch I’ve got.
And the only man she’ll be saying “I do” to is me.

What’s inside?
• Age-gap
• Best friend’s daughter
• Dominant hero
• Forbidden love
• Friends to lovers
• Love triangle
• Virgin

Forbidden Confessions: First Time SERIES


I feel guilty for this blistering torch I’m carrying for Perrie. But it’s worse this summer because it’s become absolutely clear that I don’t just want to peel off her clothes and pop her still-untouched cherry.

I’m in love with her.

Her father, Dan, would crucify me if he had any idea what I was thinking about his baby girl. And I wouldn’t blame him.

I absolutely, positively cannot cross the line with Perrie. Besides the risk of blowing up the business I share with Dan, the man I consider an older brother, there’s the girl herself. She’s got a big, bright future in front of her, starting with an Ivy League university back East—on a full scholarship. Yeah, she’s that smart. She needs to leave Phoenix, see the world, meet people, experience life. And she needs to do that without me.

My head knows it. My cock hates that idea.

Even if Dan didn’t bury me alive in quick-dry cement for touching his daughter, I doubt Perrie thinks of me that way. Sure, I’ve caught her looking once or twice. Curiosity about the opposite sex is normal, and because she’s an only child, she spends her time with adults—mostly me. She’s mature beyond her years and positively hated the games high school boys played. But she’s human; she has hormones. Hell, I peeked into her room last week, thinking she was in bed with a headache…but I swear I caught her masturbating. Seeing her panting, flushed, and shuddering under her covers has plagued my sex drive since.

I keep telling myself this is all moot. She’s leaving to start her amazing new life tomorrow morning, and our outing to this water park we’ve visited together many times is our last. But the subversive part of my brain keeps insisting I still have a whole night to find a creative way—preferably without clothes—to change her mind.

God, I’m an idiot.

“When we walked in, I saw they still have that Tempest machine in the arcade,” she remarked with a challenging smile. “Bet I can beat you again.”

“You wish. This time will be different.”

She raises that dark arch of a brow at me. “Because you’ve been practicing?”

“Because I’m determined,” I lied.

I’m actually relieved she’s found something else for us to do in public. As long as we’re not alone, I can’t be too reckless about putting my hands on her.

“Here it comes!” Her smile brightens as the water park’s man-made wave spouts from the edge of the pool and swells across the water before crashing over us.

The force of the water tugs at me and threatens to drag her under. Sputtering and gasping, she flings herself against me, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my middle. She’s petite, but her curves feel so fucking seductive and lush.

Our eyes meet. Her lips part. She blinks, water droplets clinging to her long black lashes. She’s mere inches away. All I’d have to do to kiss her is grab a fistful of her lush brown hair, pull her against me, and crush her lips under my own.

Could I talk her into my bed and out of her virginity?




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