Seduced by the Spy

Forbidden Confessions, Book 6 (Novella)

What will she surrender to him for his protection?

I’m Vanessa.
Someone has broken into my place…but taken nothing.
I’m terrified.
And alone.
My work crush appears unexpectedly and offers to keep me safe.
At what price?
We have a past Rush doesn’t remember…
So I offer him a night he won’t forget.
But he already knows everything about me—my ambitions, habits, and forbidden desires.
And that’s not the only secret he’s been keeping…

**Seduced by the Spy is a sexy bedtime story, designed so you can start in the evening and complete before you turn out the lights. All Forbidden Confessions: Protectors are connected, but can be read as a standalone. Each is a HOT, romantic story with strong language, sexy times, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after!**


Forbidden Confessions: Protectors SERIES


Something is wrong. Trouble brews in my gut. I’m still alive because I’ve learned to listen to my instincts.

So I do the one thing I haven’t done in all the months of watching her. I get out of my car and head for her house.

Ahead of me, the wind blows her door ajar. I see no sign of her. That’s not good. Standing in the gathering darkness, I peer through the crack and see only the vague outline of her purse on a nearby chair. There’s a pile of something—clothes?—on the kitchen floor. Her alarm isn’t whining.

Vanessa is nowhere in sight.

Before I charge in, she comes tearing around the corner. The moonlight shafting through the windows tells me she’s not naked—but it’s close. It also puts her figure in silhouette. Under the silvery beams, I glimpse a flash of her pale hair and creamy, soft skin. The rest of her is all but swallowed up by stark shadows that outline the jut of her breasts and the hard points of her nipples. The slight sway of her back is like a willow—bending and moving with grace. The round curves of her pert ass attest to her youth and enthusiasm for Pilates. Her thighs are slender, her calves strong, and her feet delicate.

I burn. I hunger. I need.

I push it aside when I realize she’s running to the kitchen like her very fine ass is on fire and she scoops up her clothes.

Before I can charge in and find out what’s wrong, she yanks her slightly squeaky front door wide open. She’s not expecting me. I don’t want to scare the hell out of her. But the way she’s scrambling and trembling tells me that ship has sailed.

What spooked her?

I need to find out and neutralize it—now.




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