Seduced by the Mafia Boss

Forbidden Confessions, Book 8

What will he risk to make his one-night stand last forever?

I’m Ridge.
I’m living a lie—except the night I met Kristi.
After hours of sweltering passion, I fell hard.
And I vowed to end my enemies to claim her.
Instead, she ran straight into danger.
So I have to kidnap her.
But she has a surprise for me, too…
Now I’m even more determined to mete out justice so I can spend the next fifty years with her.
Unfortunately, the mafia has a nasty habit of not letting go…

Enjoy this Forbidden Confession. HEA guaranteed!


Forbidden Confessions: Protectors SERIES


Before I can run, scream, tear off my clothes, or anything else that might attract attention, Ridge lifts me into his arms, against his chest, and carries me through the high rollers’ area.

“What are you doing? Put me down!”

He keeps walking like I didn’t speak, giving a flinty fuck-off stare to a blackjack dealer in the roped-off area, then nodding at a pair of suited hulks guarding a drape.

As we reach it, they push the brocade back to reveal an open elevator. Ridge strides inside. The doors begin to close.

I scream as if my life depends on it…because I’m starting to think it does.

He drops me to my feet, plasters me against the wall of the elevator with his body, and covers my mouth with his hand. “It’s too late for that. You’re at my mercy now.”

Those dark eyes of his—the ones so full of warmth and desire nine short weeks ago—are like black ice now.

“Don’t hurt me.” The plea slips out.

If anything, his eyes turn colder. “Where’s your phone?”

My last lifeline to 9-1-1 and the outside world? “I-I don’t have it.”

Mouth pressing into a grim line, Ridge yanks the strap of my purse off my shoulders, rifles through my bag, finds the device, and powers it down before pocketing it. “I’m sorry.”

Terror grips my throat. “What are you going to do to me?”

He doesn’t answer, which only terrifies me more. Then the elevator dings.

Eighth floor.

The doors open to a shadowy, dank hallway. It’s outdated. It smells musty.

I grab on to the safety rail in the elevator for dear life. I’m not letting go until Ridge gives me some answers. “Why are you bringing me here?”

He lifts me again, bracing me against his chest and carrying me away from my last line of escape without remorse. “So we can…talk.”

The way he says it? I don’t think that’s all we’ll be doing.