Seduced by the Bodyguard

Forbidden Confessions, Book 5

What will he demand in exchange for keeping her safe?

I’m Sophie, pop-star princess.
My career is on a superstar trajectory.
Until the bullets start flying.
The bodyguard I hired to protect me drags me to safety.
But now I’m trapped alone with a man I barely know.
One who lights my body on fire.
But someone wants me dead.
Rand can save me from evil.
But his protection comes at a price…

**Seduced by the Bodyguard is a sexy bedtime story, designed so you can start in the evening and complete before you turn out the lights. All Forbidden Confessions: Protectors are connected, but can be read as a standalone. Each is a HOT, romantic story with strong language, sexy times, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after!**

Forbidden Confessions: Protectors SERIES


“Run!” I pick up speed and yank on her wrist.

She stumbles in those ridiculous shoes. “Wait!”

No time for that. I wrap my arm around her waist, lift her against my side, and haul ass for safety. Another bullet whizzes by, where Sophie stood just moments ago.

Then we’re around the corner. We’re safe—for now. We can’t stay long, but we can regroup and strategize for a minute or two. Hopefully, it’s enough.

I press my back to the wall, panting, and lower her to her feet in front of me before flipping our positions and blocking her from any other possible threat.

“You okay?”

More screaming fills the streets. Sirens roar close to the scene. She presses a hand to her chest, struggling to catch her breath. “I-I’m not hurt.”

She doesn’t try to claim that she isn’t terrified out of her mind. I know she is.

“Are you familiar with this area?”

“Not really. I’m from DFW, but never spent much time in Arlington.”

Damn. I’m not familiar with this chunk of the city, either.

We’ve got to get out of this alley—and this fucking vicinity—fast. Then we need a safe location without anyone knowing where Sophie is hiding. Only then can I figure out who wants her dead and why.

I scan our surroundings and come up with an idea. “Take off your dress.”

“What?” There’s a whole lot of hell no crossing her face.

She probably thinks I’m propositioning her. To be honest, in a less dangerous situation, if she was willing, I’d be more than game. Sophie may have been a pretty girl who burst on the music scene when she was still in pigtails, but she’s a hella beautiful woman now. I certainly wouldn’t turn her down. But that’s not why I’m asking her to disrobe.

“Your red spangly dress is a bright, shiny target to this shooter.”

“Oh.” She frowns. “But I can’t run around naked.”

As much as I might like the view, she’s right. Everyone has a camera on their cell phones these days, and she doesn’t need that kind of exposure. Hell, we’re lucky that everyone is too busy running for their lives to notice us tucked into this narrow alley.

I yank my T-shirt from my waistband and tug it over my head, leaving my torso covered in a thin wifebeater. The T-shirt is damp with my sweat and it smells like me, but that’s all I’ve got to give her. “Put this on.”

Sophie takes the shirt from my hand, her gaze glued to mine. “Where am I supposed to change?”

But she knows the answer; I see it on her face.

“I’ll block you.” After all, she’s tiny. I’m pretty big. We’ll make it work. “But we don’t have time for modesty.”

She hesitates an instant, then drops one strap of her low, scoop-necked dress down her arm, followed by the other. As she does, one thing becomes obvious: Sophie Larsen isn’t wearing a bra.

I start to sweat again, and this time it has nothing to do with heat or danger.

Holy shit.




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