Seduced by the Assassin

Forbidden Confessions, Book 7 (Novella)

What lengths will he go to in order to claim his babygirl?

I’m Ransom.
I’m thirty four…and I’m in love with a girl who’s eighteen.
Did I mention that Havana is my son’s ex-girlfriend?
Yeah, this isn’t complicated at all.
When I’m grazed by a Glock in a parking lot, she keeps me from bleeding out.
We hole up in a luxurious hideaway that’s like a fantasy.
Clear of danger and interference, I stop resisting her.
And I get the surprise of my life.
But if I don’t eliminate my enemies, we won’t see the sun rise…

**Seduced by the Assassin is a sexy bedtime story, designed so you can start in the evening and complete before you turn out the lights. All Forbidden Confessions: Protectors are connected, but can be read as a standalone. Each is a HOT, romantic story with strong language, sexy times, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after!**

Forbidden Confessions: Protectors SERIES


The woman I can’t forget is through that door, less than ten feet from me, working. There’s a lock separating us, but that’s not enough to keep me from her.

Nothing is.

I swallow, gripping the gift box in my hand. Will she be surprised? She’s smart; she should be expecting me. After all, I made her a vow. I splayed her thighs indecently wide on my kitchen counter, stared into her golden eyes, and promised I would come for her the day she turned legal. Then—somehow—I managed to tear myself from her kiss-swollen lips before I did something irredeemable, and I left.

Now I’m here, and I’m done waiting. After seven agonizing weeks of putting space between Havana Smith and me, the unstoppable force of our attraction has me sniffing her out like a damn rutting dog.

If she falls into my arms again, I won’t stop.

So why am I standing out in the rain, hesitating?

Because I’ve lost my fucking mind.

I used to be a sane man. Well, as sane as anyone in my line of work can be. But now I’m certifiable. I’m probably on the verge of making the biggest mistake of my life and I don’t give a fuck.

I’m thirty-four…and I’m in love with a girl who’s turning eighteen today. I’m in the middle of some really dangerous shit. Oh, and did I mention she’s my son’s ex-girlfriend? Yeah, this won’t be complicated at all.




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