Pure Wicked

Wicked Lovers, Book 9.5 (Novella)

A pop star making a small-town girl his forever is just a fantasy, right?

During his decade as an international pop star, Jesse McCall has lived every day in the fast lane. A committed hedonist reveling in amazing highs, globetrotting, and nameless encounters, he refuses to think about his loneliness or empty future. Then tragedy strikes.

Shocked and grieving, he sheds his identity and walks away, searching for peace. Instead, he finds Bristol Reese, a no-nonsense beauty scraping to keep her business afloat while struggling with her own demons. He’s intent on seducing her, but other than a pleasure-filled night, she’s not interested in a player, especially after her boyfriend recently proposed to her sister. In order to claim Bristol, Jesse has to prove he’s not the kind of man he’s always been. But when she learns his identity and his past comes back to haunt him, how will he convince her that he’s a changed man who wants nothing more than to make her his forever?

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“You didn’t come all the way to Lewisville to comment on my decor, right?”

“No.” He turned to her, his hands suddenly engulfing her hips, his stare drilling down into her eyes. “I did not.”

“So what did you come to do?” she challenged.

He gave her a panty-melting grin as he pulled her closer, fitting her flush against his body where she could feel every inch of him. “Make you glad you let me follow you home.”

Bristol swallowed and lifted her face to him. “Are you finally going to kiss me?”


She gave him a coy shrug. “A little.”

“Let’s see if we can make that a lot.” He took her face in his hands.

She flashed back to the bar, in the instant before their lips had nearly met. Heart pounding, blood racing, need reeling… Yeah, she’d cursed her mother’s interruption. But since then, her anticipation had grown. She wanted him more now. Maybe Mama had done her a favor in the long run. They wouldn’t be interrupted here.

“You’re welcome to try.” She gave him a wicked grin.

He didn’t say a word, just dipped his head toward her. Bristol held her breath. Her heart felt suspended in the moment and too filled with anticipation to beat. No man had ever excited her so much with a mere word or smile. She wondered how she’d handle his kiss.

“Look at me,” he insisted, his voice gruff and low.

Her lashes fluttered open, and she peered up at the deepest, darkest eyes she’d ever lost herself in.

“That’s it,” he encouraged. “I wanted to see you, get closer to you. This may be temporary but it isn’t impersonal.”

“It’s not,” she whispered.

He caressed her face, shifted a hand behind her neck, fingers sifting through her hair. Bristol hadn’t thought it possible, but he looked even more serious. “Good.”

Finally, he brushed his lips over hers, the touch full of gentle command and electric thrill. A sizzle flashed over her skin. Her heart started thumping again, now beating a rapid tattoo against her chest.

Jamie pulled back enough to stare down at her again, searching her face for something. He caressed her other cheek with his warm palm. “God, I’ve got to taste your mouth, your skin. All of you.”

Before she could say a word, he captured her lips once more, this time crashing into her, hungry, demanding, as if he couldn’t get to her fast enough. He took her mouth as if he owned her, and Bristol wasn’t prepared for his onslaught. His touch made her dizzy. No, hedid. His musky scent surrounded her, dangerous, sexy, as he pressed his chest to her beating heart and consumed her.

He was above her, around her, all over her. Reaching up on her tiptoes, she threw her arms around his neck, every bit as desperate to get to him, and gasped into his kiss.

Bristol wrapped the hem of his tank in her fists and tugged up. He grabbed her wrists and swept them over her head, forcing them against the wall as he stared at her, panting, searching, naked hunger tightening his face. “Bedroom?”





“A delicious and highly addictive tale… You will become completely obsessed.”
-Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads

4.5 Stars. A True Gem! “… a fun read.”
-Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

“This story had me hooked, kept me glued to each sexy, sweet page, and finished off with a romantic movie worthy ending.”

“Sweet, sexy and a little sassy, PURE WICKED is one to pick up this fall to warm your nights.”
-The Romance Reviews