Naughty Little Secret

Her boss. Her friend. Her secret lover?

After divorcing her never-home husband, Lauren Southall plucked up her courage, dusted off her power suits, and returned to corporate life. Two years later, there’s just one six-foot three, testosterone-packed problem: her ex-husband’s good friend and her current boss, Noah Reeves. Lauren aches for him. But she can’t possibly measure up to the silicone-packed professional cheerleaders he dates. So she hides her desire behind a professional persona and fantasizes.

For ten years, Noah Reeves has waited to make Lauren his. Once her divorce was final, he tracked down and hired the brilliant, dedicated woman. But when he’s with her, it isn’t spreadsheets and profit margins on his brain. Problem is, she’s never seen him as anything but her ex-husband’s pal. Now that she’s finally a free woman and with him 40+ hours a week, well… he’d love to persuade her to throw in her nights and weekends. So Noah decides to romance her by day. By night, he becomes a mysterious stranger devoted only to her pleasure…and discovers she’s hiding a naughty little secret of her own.

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When Lauren rounded the corner of her desk, she moved to sit in her chair…and found something in it. A white envelope. Thick and textured. Nothing written on the front, but definitely something inside, judging from the bulge of neatly-folded paper inside. 

Given the fact it was on her chair, she assumed someone set it here for her. Safe assumption, right? 

Shrugging, she opened the envelope, withdrew the lone page inside, and unfolded the thick paper. 

You. Me. Naked skin. Shared fantasies. A whole night. 

Soon. Lauren blinked at the typed note. Read it again. And nearly stopped breathing. Someone here wanted her? Someone who’d gone to the trouble of writing her a note and leaving it in her chair. No hint of a signature or his identity. And maybe the situation should have creeped her out…but she didn’t sense menace behind the words, just desire. She looked around the sea of cubicles with new eyes. Who? Gary was too straightforward. Most of the other men here were older, happily married, or gay. Except Noah, and he had little Miss Pom-poms to keep him warm at night. Maybe it was simply someone who worked in the building. Tender Forks shared this building with several other businesses. Security was relaxed. Maybe it was one of the consultants across the hall? The possibility didn’t excite her. 


The object of her fantasies stopped just behind her, his deep, sin-inspiring voice seeping into her. His warm breath cascaded down the back of her neck. She couldn’t help it; she shivered. “You find that report?” 

“Report?” she repeated numbly. 

She couldn’t seem to get her mind off a whole night of naked skin and shared fantasies and inserting Noah in the picture. 

“This it?” he took the piece of paper from her hand and lifted it to read. 

Lauren reached out to grab the page back, but it was too late. His dark expression told her he’d already read every word. 

“Did someone give this to you?” 

She could feel herself flushing every shade of red. “I found it in my chair. Someone left it there.” 

“Interesting note.” 

She couldn’t tell whether he was pissed she might be hooking up with someone in the office or so amused he was about to laugh his ass off. He was a master negotiator. His face never gave away anything unless he wanted it to. 

“I—I don’t know who left it.” 

“Well, you don’t have to guess what he wants.” 

The flush spread wider, seeping heat through her body. “No, that’s clear.” 

He quirked a dark brow at her. “Worried? Do you think this is someone psycho? I can beef up security.” 

Gnawing on her bottom lip, she cast a brief glance up at Noah. Those gorgeous blue eyes were too much to look at, her desire too deep to conceal from him. She looked away. 

How perfect. One man wanted her—a man who clearly understood how much she loved surprises and wished for a lover. But the man she ached for stood right in front of her, asking questions and offering to protect her like a brother. Damn, he chased everything else in a skirt. Why not her? 

“I’m fine. You need that appetizer report, right?” She moved to round the corner of her desk, toward her computer. 

Noah grabbed her arm, his grip gentle but unyielding. “Talk to me. Are you scared?” 

With a rueful smile, she worked to set him at ease. “I probably should be. But this is the most admiration I’ve had since my divorce. Whoever it is, I don’t think he means any harm.” 

Slowly, he released her arm and sent her a long stare. “You want naked skin and shared fantasies? 

Lauren sighed. “What red-blooded woman doesn’t? I appreciate your concern, but—” 

“Can you handle skin and fantasies?” 

She shrugged, wondering if Noah cared even a tiny bit that some other man wanted to hold her. “According to him, I’ll find out soon. Guess I’ll let you know then.” 



Recommended Read! “NAUGHTY LITTLE SECRET is not only erotic, but also sexy and sensual. Shayla Black knows exactly what her readers want and she skillfully provides it. The intensity of the sexual attraction between these two characters is unrelenting and you’ll undoubtedly be swept away on the tide of their desire. The scene in which Noah is “revealed” is quite possibly one of the most erotic, emotion-filled scenes ever written. Get a bucket of ice ready for this one.”
– Two Lips Reviews

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– Romance Junkies

5 out of 5! “With humorously witty dialog and some very graphic sex the readers are in for a very decadent treat as Black packs a wallop with this extremely sensual well done read. Additionally when you couple all that with the bonus of a tender love story you end up with a very stimulating and satisfying story. Bottom line – This is definitely a lusty read that should get most libidos kick started into high gear!”
– CK2s Kwips and Kritiques

“Noah and Lauren make a terrific pair. Their lovemaking is going to arouse your imagination, titillate your senses and leave you breathless! Ms. Black has a fresh writing style that makes this one a good, quick scorching page-turner. She has successfully delivered warm, vulnerable characters in a touching setting that is going to keep you captivated until the end.”
– Just Erotic Romance Reviews