More Than Need You


I discovered my ex’s secret. Now I’ll do anything to make her my wife.

I’m Griffin Reed—real estate’s bad boy and a cutthroat bastard. Trust is a four-letter word and everyone is disposable…except Britta Stone. Three years ago, she was my everything before I stupidly walked away. I thought I’d paid for my sin in misery—until the night I learn we have a son together and she’s engaged to another man. Now I’m determined to claim her and make the three of us a family. Since Britta won’t even speak to me, I have to get ruthless.
I make the gorgeous, independent single mother a deal: spend twenty-four/seven with me until her wedding day—under my roof and, if I have my way, in my bed. If she doesn’t love me by then, I’ll leave for good. Britta vows she’ll never want me again…but our stolen, passionate kisses make her a liar. I pour on the romance and slowly set about coaxing her surrender.

Once she can no longer deny what’s in her heart, then I’ll stop at nothing to prove I more than need her.

**More Than Need You is part of the Reed Family Reckoning Contemporary Romance series, but every book can be read as a standalone. A HOT, romantic story with strong language, sexy times, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after!**


What's Included?

  • Forced Proximity
  • Lovers Reunited
  • Love Triangle
  • Office/Boss Assistant
  • Second Chance Romance
  • Secret Baby/Pregnancy
  • Single Mom/Dad


Reed Family: Siblings SERIES


Working to take my fury down ten notches, I breathe deep and tell myself to be practical as I scan the yard. I don’t see any children. Is Jamie already asleep? Maybe so. It’s ten thirty. Don’t little kids go to bed early? I didn’t consider that sooner. Damn it.

Now what do I do? I’m hardly in the mood to stand here and toast the bride.

Britta isn’t hard to find since she’s the only blonde among a sea of native Hawaiians in bright, tropical prints and sandals, clinking glasses and smiling.

From a distance, she’s wearing a pencil skirt in a sedate gray that clings to a curve in her hips she didn’t used to have. Her ass looks lusher, rounder. Her hair, though wrapped up in some classic twist, looks longer or thicker—something.

The lust that hits me is stronger than ever.

Jesus, when am I going to stop wanting her?

She’s talking to a pretty brunette who’s about her age. The striking woman hugs her, joy evident in her huge smile. Britta replies. I can tell because she still talks with her hands. She’s graceful, as always. Not surprising. She entered college on a dance scholarship.

I remember watching her move on stage for the first time. The beauty of her movement stunned me, the way she was aware of her every muscle, the complete control she had over even her smallest gesture. Pale tights and a flowing scrap of chiffon flirting with her thighs gave me a hard-on from hell. I was her boss at the time. She’d just begun to work for Maxon and me. I appreciated her smarts in the office and her talent on stage, sure. But more than anything, I wanted those slender thighs wrapped around me while I fucked her. I told myself to back down. She was still young. Everything about her screamed hands off. I didn’t listen. I corrupted every bit of her purity. Then I walked away, leaving her with a pregnancy she hadn’t planned for, and myself with a mountain of fury and regret.

I wonder how much she’s changed. Maxon told me that I broke something in her. Fuck.

Is she bitter now? Withdrawn? How much does she hate me?

How many beds has she slept in since mine?

I swallow the question down. I have no right to ask. Besides, do I really want to know?

I keep staring at her, watching her slender shoulders as she laughs gently. I hear the sound rising above the din of conversation. It’s good to hear her happy even though I’m so fucking sad.

No one else has noticed me. I need to approach her, think of something rational and non-confrontational to say. Or turn around and come back tomorrow, when she doesn’t have a whole bunch of company who will gawk at me the minute I demand to see my son. When she isn’t celebrating her pending union to another man.

But I can’t make myself leave. I just stare, willing her to look my way.

Suddenly, she stiffens. I see the moment she becomes aware of my presence. She tilts her head toward her right shoulder. The cock of her ear and the jut of her chin follow. She pauses for a sliver of a second, as if she’s not sure she truly wants to know if I’m just beyond her line of sight, making her senses flare.

“Britta,” I call out to her.

At the sound of my voice, she whips her head around, as if she’s heard a ghost and is eager to dispel the notion I could be standing ten feet behind her.

Our eyes meet. My breath stops. God, she’s still so fucking beautiful to me.

In that moment I know one thing: no matter what’s happened or how long it’s been, I want her back. Whatever Britta thinks, she’s still mine.





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