More Than Love You


I made her my temporary wife. Now I’ll do anything to claim her forever.

I’m Noah Weston—MVP quarterback and seasoned player. Though I’m retiring from America’s most iconic team a football hero, a secret threatens my well-planned future. To regroup, I escape to my private ocean-front paradise. But property caretaker Harlow Reed destroys my zen with her sexy red bikini and sassy attitude. After discovering my problem, she offers to help…if I give her sweaty sex and nonstop orgasms.

Since I’ve got game, what do I have to lose?

Three months—that’s how long it should take for us to scratch this itch and solve my issue. But the more I peel back complicated Harlow’s layers, the less I can picture my life without her. When I learn how badly she’s been burned by love, I’ll do whatever it takes to prove I don’t merely want her. I more than love her enough to make her mine for good.

**More Than Love You is part of the Reed Family Reckoning Contemporary Romance series, but every book can be read as a standalone. A HOT, romantic story with strong language, sexy times, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after!**

What’s included?

• Billionaire
• Friends with Benefits
• Runaway Bride
• Sports Romance
• Temporary Fling

Reed Family: Siblings SERIES


Harlow props her chin on her palm and stares at me across the table. “That’s amazing. I can’t imagine my job being that physical. The craziest thing I do now is crouch down to find the right toy or exercise to help speech-impaired kids learn whatever I’m trying to teach them. It has to be daunting to be on the field with a bunch of well-trained maniacs bent on your destruction.”

“When you put it like that, what was I thinking?” I laugh. “Actually, I’m grateful to football. It kept me out of trouble as a kid and gave me a future I never imagined growing up in Honolulu’s poor neighborhoods. You wouldn’t get it, being one of those rich kids.”

She tsks at me. “Why would you think I grew up wealthy?”

I snort. “Are you kidding? Privilege drips off you. You have this easy air of assurance about the world, like you’ve never wondered where your next meal would come from, like you could take or leave money. But I’ll bet you’ve never been without it. You’re accustomed to nice houses and fancy cars. Not in the ‘I could get used to this’ sort of way, but as if having them is completely normal in your world.”

“How could you possibly know that?”

“It’s not a bad thing,” I assure her. “But I know because I was a kid who didn’t have air conditioning until I went off to college. We had one old TV. I didn’t even have a cell phone until after I signed my first pro contract. When I bought my first house in Dallas with my signing bonus, I kept walking in and staring in awe because I couldn’t believe I had a place with marble floors and didn’t have squawking chickens in the backyard I was waiting to get fat enough to eat. The way you look at the world is different. I want to hear more about your past.”

That’s what started this discussion. So far, Harlow has regaled me with tales about her sorority sisters and the hamster funeral, along with a couple of stories about her brothers’ childhood antics. Nothing about her parents, her childhood, or her romantic history. She’s only sharing the pleasant parts of her life. Because she’s giving me only the easy-breezy bits she wants to think about?

She cocks her head as she swishes the wine. “Not much to tell that you don’t know. My dad is a workaholic, and he was always good at making money. My mom pushed me into group activities the other kids did, forever sucking me into this dance studio or signing me up for that beauty pageant. I think she lived vicariously through me sometimes and never wanted to hear that I wasn’t interested in cheerleading or modeling or whatever she thought I should be for appearance’s sake.”

“She must be proud of you now. A master’s in a degree that can really help people, and especially if you’re focusing on children who really need you…”

Her smile turns stilted. “I think she would rather me make something of those acting classes she dragged me to. Or at least marry well. Since I’m disinclined to do either, I’m pretty sure she’s disappointed. What about you? Your parents must be extremely proud of all you’ve accomplished. And your siblings. What do they say at family gatherings?”

“They treat me like they always did. Trace tries to be bigger and badder, so he gets into these mock wrestling matches with me. Samaria still rolls her eyes at me and tells me to make myself useful. When we had Christmas dinner at her house last year, that meant doing a mountain of dishes. Mom clucks around me, like always. Still protective, as if I’m nine, not thirty-four. Dad passed away a couple years back. He always struggled with asthma. He had an attack when no one was home and he couldn’t get to a phone.”

Compassion softens her face. “I’m sorry. That must have been heartbreaking for you and your family.”

Harlow means that genuinely. And I realize that’s the dichotomy about her I don’t understand. She can be so warm and genuine and easy to be with. But when I ask her about herself, she dodges and deflects. If I get too direct, she shuts down. She’s not cold…but she’s also not forthcoming.

Suddenly, I’m actually looking forward to having dinner with Maxon and Griff and their brides. Maybe I’ll get some answers. Because as much as Harlow and I have sex—and we had a whole afternoon of it today—she’s let me have full access to her body, no problem. But I don’t feel as if she’s let me any closer to the woman beneath all that gorgeous glowing skin.

It’s bugging the hell out of me. Normally, I’d be high-fiving all the awesome, no-strings nookie. Not now. Not with Harlow.





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