More Than Hate You


I seduced my rival for a deal. Now I’ll do anything to claim her for good.

I’m Sebastian Shaw—CFO, pragmatist, and moneymaker. I’ve mismanaged love in the past, but when it comes to business, I’m pure shark, able to cut down any threat to my success…except Sloan O’Neill. We’re vying for the same major client, so I do what any self-respecting cutthroat does to gain the upper hand: spy on the ball-busting piece of work. She may be gorgeous and unnervingly clever, but I have skills. My gutsy hourglass-shaped roadblock doesn’t stand a chance.

Until I realize I’m falling for her.

Suddenly, everything from my objectives to my morals is cloudy. Stay loyal to my best friend and boss to win this critical client at any cost…or give my heart another chance? But the more time I spend with my redheaded adversary, the more I realize she’s not just ambitious but kind, vulnerable…and perfect for me. Sloan has no idea how far I’ll go to make her mine—but she’s about to find out.

What’s Included?

  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Insta-love
  • Office/Boss-Assistant
  • Marriage of Convenience
  • Revenge
  • Sudden/Forced Marriage
  • Temporary Fling

Reed Family: Friends SERIES


“Happy Monday, baby.” I stroll in. “Miss me?”

She glances up, and her face tightens, like she’s girding her loins against me and reminding herself that our attraction is irrelevant.

Good luck with that

“No, and don’t call me baby.” She gestures to the chair at the opposite end of the table. “Sit, and I’ll cover some ground rules.”

Does she think banishing me across the room will keep me—and temptation—far away enough to resist?

With a smile, I drop into the chair beside her. “You twisted my arm into being here, but I never promised to behave.”

Her blue eyes turn positively icy. “Clearly, this is a game to you. Everything seems to be. But this is life-or-death for me. I can’t fail, so I won’t tolerate your BS. I dragged you here to help me because I hear you’re a financial whiz and I need one. If it weren’t for that fact, I’d be happy never to set eyes on you again.”

Nice speech…but I don’t believe half of it, not with the way her pulse races at her neck and she licks her lips nervously. She might think that. She clearly wants to believe it. But somewhere deep down, she knows we have unfinished business.

“It’s nice to see you, too.” I wink. “Baby.”

Sloan scoffs. “Stop it. This isn’t a personal interaction.”

The hell it isn’t. “It’s not strictly business, either. That ship sailed.”

“Then cruise it back to the shore and anchor it at the dock. That’s rule number one. We will have zero conversation that isn’t related to Reservoir or the industry.”

“So I can’t ask you how you’ve been?”

“No. And I don’t care how you’ve been. We’re colleagues on a joint project now, period.”

Bullshit. I don’t know the feel of any colleague’s tits in my hands or the taste of her pussy on my tongue. But I’m guessing Sloan won’t be able to focus on that until I’ve addressed Reservoir’s financial woes. Then…

Game on.