More Than Dare You


I dared her to spend a hot, no-strings night with me. Now I’m determined to keep her forever.

I’m Trace Weston—recently reformed bad boy and full-time single father. My life is already complicated, but when my sister-in-law asks me to give her bestie, who just ended her long-term relationship with a cheating jerk, some hot, post-breakup pleasure, I’m game. I never expected to want Masey Garrett with a burning hunger, but she’s shy, sassy, driven, and incredibly kind. Suddenly I’m falling fast…but she’s only mine for a night.

What’s a former player to do? Change the rules.

Now she’s under my roof day and night. We’re playing house…but I want a real family. Though she loves my newborn son, the skittish beauty keeps her feelings about me a secret. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to win her over, but other than passion, how can I persuade Masey I’m the man for her? Sure, I could drop an L bomb…except that once imploded my heart. But when her past turns her world upside down, can I chance everything and dare Masey to stay with me forever?

**More Than Dare You is part of the Reed Family Reckoning Contemporary Romance series, but every book can be read as a standalone. A HOT, romantic story with strong language, sexy times, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after!**

What's Included?

  • Forced Proximity
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Insta-love
  • Pretend Relationship
  • Single Mom/Dad
  • Temporary Fling

Reed Family: Friends SERIES


“Trace,” she pants, clinging tighter as she tosses her head back.

It’s an offering. She’s inviting me to put my lips on her skin and taste her. She’s being vulnerable to me, giving herself to me.

No way I’m refusing that.

I wrap one hand around her nape again and squeeze, compelling her to tilt her head back. Yes… Now, she’s utterly mine, and I drag my lips up her soft, so-pale throat, skating my way across her jaw as I work my fingers into her long tresses and slowly close my fist, then tug her in exactly where I want her. As she gasps and her eyes flare wide with surprise, I swallow the sound with a growl and my kiss.

Then I consume her.

I work her lips open until she can’t possibly part wider, then I barge in, leaving her no defense against my onslaught.

Yes, I’m being ruthless. I can’t seem to stop myself. Whatever hesitations she has, I want them gone. Whatever barriers or protections she might have erected against men in general or me specifically, those need to go, too. I want to leave no part of her untouched by my hands, my mouth, my passion. I want to delve into her, drown inside her.

I’ve lost my fucking mind. But it feels too good to care, much less stop.

Masey arches, crushing her breasts against me as she whimpers into my kiss. She clings, her fingers latching on to my shoulders like a growing vine spreading across a fence and claiming its territory. I’m all too happy to be hers.

She’s too tempting not to tease, so with a last brush of my lips over hers, I pull back. She moans and lunges for me like I’m her air and she won’t be able to breathe without me. Her lips part, seeking mine in an insistent rush. I catch her chin in my grip, denying her another kiss while I study her dilated eyes and flushed cheeks. So female. So sensual.

I swipe my thumb across her bottom lip and draw it down, then begin dipping my head to her slowly. Her audible breaths fill the air between us as I cover her mouth and dive deep. When I drag my tongue against hers, the kiss turns wilder, more fiery than the last. So fucking hot I think I’m going to melt.

Jesus, this is insane.

With a shudder, she grips at my short hair and rubs her breasts against me like she needs relief only I can give her and rocks against my desperate cock, silently pleading.

I eat at her until I can’t think straight. Until I can barely breathe. It’s all I can do not to lower her to the floor, shove our clothes aside, forget the fact there’s a bed somewhere in this villa, and fuck her blind. But I promised her way more than a hot quickie. I promised her everything.

Time to get my head on straight and deliver.

Reluctantly, I pull my mouth free, tightening my fist in her hair to prevent her from suckering me in with another one of her kisses I find so damn hard to resist. “Bedroom?”





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