Her Fantasy Men

Three guys, the girl of their dreams, and a fantasy they’ve only dared to desire…

Kelsey Rena is an enigma. She’s a girly-girl who’s wild for football, craves action movies, and loves knocking back a cold beer with her three best friends–all male. She’s a puzzle, too, when it comes to sex. Here are three hot guys always ready and within reach and she’s never seemed interested. So who is the lucky mystery man satisfying the girl of their secret dreams? The three pals plan to find out. And when they do, they’ll see a side of Kelsey they’ve only dared to fantasize about.

(Note: Her Fantasy Men is also a single story in Four Play anthology with Maya Banks)

Short Novel

Non-Series Titles


Slowly, she opened her eyes. And she was alone. Again. 

Shoving aside her toys, she tore out her earbuds, drew her knees to her chest, and hung her head. How long could she stay in this limbo, desperately wanting three men and having none because she didn’t know what they really felt and was too afraid to upset the status quo? Because she couldn’t risk choosing one and potentially having the other two disappear from her life? 

Tucker she could never live without. He knew her down to her core. He was the first person she thought of when she needed a hug. The only person she’d bared her secrets to had been him. Just as she’d listened in return. His quiet, sexy ways left her breathless. She itched to touch him, discover how much deeper their friendship could be. Doing without Tucker would leave a hole in her heart from which she’d never recover. 

Jeremy . . . She’d been working for him for nearly four years. His absence in her life would kill her. Without him, she feared she’d morph from a confident, independent female back to the spiritual equivalent of wallpaper. Her self-assurance soared under Jeremy’s hot stares. He’d taught her when to crush opponents and when to show compassion. He made her feel vital, vibrant, needed—and like the kind of woman who could inspire the forbidden. He aroused her as no man had, his commanding streak the stuff of her fantasies. They just . . . clicked. 

Rhys often reminded her not to take her life, her job, her problems—or herself—too seriously. He was her positive outlook, her silver lining. He’d taught her that things happened for a reason. Besides preventing her from being too maudlin, he shared her passion for movies with sophomoric humor and was her resident handyman. He was always willing to eat whatever experiment she dished out in the kitchen. And always backed it up with Moose Tracks ice cream. Without him, she’d forget to embrace all her tomorrows and smile gratefully for each new sunrise. 

How was she ever going to choose? But how could she keep denying her feelings—and fearing theirs? 

Kelsey sighed. She’d had this argument with herself a thousand times. And a thousand times reached the same conclusion: She had to keep her love for them to herself or risk losing them…



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